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10 Anime Series That Can Be Enjoyed By Both Kids & Adults

The realm of anime is truly vast, and spans every literary and cinematic genre there is — and even invented a few of its own. Some anime series are best watched by older viewers due to R-rated content, deep themes and plots that would be too slow and boring for young viewers, often in the seinen genre. Other anime are meant just for kids, like Doraemon.

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Fortunately, countless anime series are family-friendly, like Disney movies, and can appeal to viewers of all ages. Such shows have deep themes and references that adults can enjoy, and kids can enjoy these shows even if the deeper themes are lost on them. That, combined with G-rated or PG-rated content, makes for a great family-friendly anime series to watch.

10 Cells At Work! Is Educational & Exciting

Some anime series follow the “edutainment” trend, educating viewers on particular topics while presenting the material in an exciting and traditional storytelling method. Cells at Work! is exactly like that, exploring the inner workings of the human body and bringing the microscopic world to life.

The show focuses mostly on the immune system, but organs such as the lungs, heart and stomach are explored too, and the body’s cells are workers in uniform while bacteria are colorful monsters of the week (and the action scenes can be rather bloody at times). It’s time for a science lesson.

9 Laid-Back Camp Makes The Outdoors Fun

The Outdoor Activities Club In Laid-Back Camp

Anyone who loves the outdoors, or at least enjoys gorgeous visuals, can find a lot to like about Laid-Back Camp. It’s the story of high school-age friends who explore the great outdoors in style, and it also loosely fits the edutainment trend.

The series is G-rated fun with gorgeous natural vistas and charming humor and characters, though it doesn’t have much of a plot. It’s more like a premise that leisurely explores various campsites and natural wonders across Japan’s countryside.

8 My Hero Academia Focuses On Superheroes & Action

my hero academia lgbtq charcters

Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is a little bloodier and more intense than most other family-friendly anime shows, with some PG-13 content at times. But if the young ones can handle it, they’re in for a great time with Izuku Midoriya and his superhero friends.

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My Hero Academia is like Marvel Comics being reborn in Japan, featuring the familiar superheroes vs. villains paradigm but with a few twists, including Pro Heroes being government-sanctioned officials and, of course, the Japanese setting. The show also offers intriguing societal critique themes for older viewers to chew on.

7 Avatar: The Last Airbender Is A Must-Watch Fantasy Series

Avatar: The Last Airbender can be loosely categorized as anime, due to its visual style and the studios involved. Whether or not it’s counted as “true” anime is hardly the most important part, though. Avatar is a colorful, emotionally impactful and exciting series for viewers of all ages.

This series has comedy and young characters for younger viewers, and remarkably deep and broad themes for most audiences to enjoy. Most of all, this series features memorable quotes and lessons that anyone can apply to their own lives. Uncle Iroh is a wellspring of sage advice.

6 Welcome To Demon School, Iruma-Kun! Is PG Fun

welcome to demon school iruma kun

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-Kun! has some action and violence in it, but it’s mostly on a PG level, making it an easy series for the entire family to watch, even with young viewers. This series has some serious Disney vibes with its plucky, good-hearted protagonist and colorful and exotic setting.

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The series is center around the demonic Babyls school, but these are sanitized demons, who look and act human and are actually quite relatable. And as expected, Iruma-Kun! has all kinds of comedy, fantasy action and a touch of romance, too.

5 Yona Of The Dawn Has A Disney-Style Princess

Yona From Yona of The Dawn Picking Up A Sword

Yona of the Dawn is a shojo anime series that features a tragic but inspiring Disney-style princess heroine, Yona. Young viewers might be reminded of Mulan and Brave when they watch Yona of the Dawn, and anime vets might get Avatar: The Last Airbender vibes from this series.

The story is set in an Asian-style world where princess Yona suffers the loss of her father and kingdom after her friend Soo-Won betrays her, and she must rally the dragon warriors to help her retake the kingdom and restore the peace. It’s a fine yarn for the whole family.

4 Little Witch Academia Is Wickedly Good

Little Witch Academia

Little Witch Academia is similar to My Hero Academia, including the title and premise, but it stands well enough on its own. This series tells the tale of Akko, a teenage girl inspired by the benevolent witch Silver Chariot to become a witch herself and help people in need.

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Akko has no magical power and has a real uphill battle ahead when she enrolls at the Luna Nova school, but she’ll give it her best shot and make good friends along the way. The visual style, PG action and colorful characters can appeal to any viewer, young or old.

3 Soul Eater Has Gothic & Cartoony Tones

Maka & Soul Evans Surrounded by Their Friends

The hit series Soul Eater has charming visuals and exciting characters, and flamboyant Goth vibes that may appeal to Tim Burton fans of any age. This series is a bit bloody and has some fan service, but is otherwise a fine adventure for young and older viewers alike.

In this world, weapons meisters partner up with living weapons, or people who can assume the shape of pistols, scythes and far more to battle their enemies. Viewers ought to watch out for the Excalibur episodes, though; they might grate viewers of any age.

2 I’ve Been Killing Slimes For 300 Years And Maxed Out My Level Is Short But Sweet

I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

This short isekai anime is easy for most dedicated anime fans to forget after the credits roll, but parents who want a short, family-friendly anime can give this one a try, and it has something for everyone. There’s a bit of fan service in it and a few bath scenes, but otherwise, it’s G-rated fun.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes features Azusa, another friendly witch character, like Akko, and she makes one friend after another in this colorful and pleasant world, including the slime sisters and a few dragon girls, not to mention a ghost girl who just wants to make friends.

1 Dr. Stone Is Massively Educational

This is yet another entry in the edutainment trend, and it can make science fun for kids, especially in STEM fields such as engineering and chemistry, which are Dr. Stone‘s staples. This anime tells the tale of the brilliant Senku Ishigami and his effort to restore humanity in a new stone age.

A mysterious energy wave petrified the entire human race, but now it’s time to rebuild, and Senku is optimistic and fearless despite the daunting challenges he faces. The series also has colorful visuals, great humor and positive life lessons for young viewers. Older viewers will appreciate this series’ high-IQ twists on the isekai genre, making this oversaturated genre feel fresh again.

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