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10 Important Tips to Have Peak Health and High Energy | by Gaurav Singh Pharswan | Sep, 2021

Gaurav Singh Pharswan

Performing daily activities of high value and essential work requires you to stay focused and in good shape. Therefore it is necessary to have high energy throughout the day and give our best at everything.

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Many people try out fancy things to boost up their power. But there are natural ways with which you can increase your energy level. Below are the 10-simple tricks that will help you achieve peak health.

1). Drink Plenty of Water:- Keeping your body hydrated is crucial for health and well-being, but many people do not consume enough fluids each day. Water helps you regulate the body temperature and is essential for kidneys for filtration. It boosts digestion, which in turn helps in the proper absorption of nutrients giving desired energy.

2). Drink freshly squeezed juice daily:- Drinking fresh juice helps you remain healthy and fit. Fresh juice contains good quality nutrients such as vitamins and carbohydrates. These nutrients are essential for the smooth functioning of the body and energy generation. Juice contains antioxidants helping your body fight off unstable molecules.

3). Do not eat after 7-pm:-The best time to eat dinner is 3 hours before bedtime, allowing the stomach to properly digest and focus on preparing for sleep when bedtime rolls around the corner. Eating small amounts of foods like complex carbs, fruits, veggies, or a small amount of protein will satiate hunger pains and help you fall asleep faster.

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In contrast, improper digestion will cause irregular sleep and may hinder getting a full 8-hour sleep.

4). Take Vitamins and Minerals daily:- Regular intake of supplements will give the essential nutrients to the body, which is otherwise not received by the body due to chemically grown foods.

Regular intake of appropriate calcium will improve bone strength which has a significant impact during old age.

5). Eat less:- Eating more causes drowsiness and reduces your efforts to perform the tasks at hand. Eating in a balanced manner will provide the desired energy as well as increase your productivity.

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When you eat within an appropriate limit, there is a lesser chance of food accumulated as unwanted fat.

6). Exercise 4–5 times a week:- Dedicate a time in the early morning hours to focus on your health. Start endurance training exercises to train your body and achieve peak fitness. The better shape you attain, the higher your fitness level and higher is your energy.

7). Hire a personal trainer:- Hire a gym trainer to help you and guide you on how to improve your performance. These professionals can advise you on the exercises you need to perform to develop the characteristics you desire.

8). Spend time in nature every week:- A walk in nature helps you clear your thoughts and the noises within your brain. Nature offers peace and calmness, allowing you to gain tranquility. It helps in the development of clear ideas, helping you to achieve better results.

9). Eat an elite performance diet, completely cutting out junk food:- Junk foods are the source of many diseases, and consuming it makes you sick. It lowers your performance and energy level. Avoid eating fast food, instead focus on having healthy diet food, enriching the energy levels.

10). Read something inspiring for 30 minutes every morning:- Read motivational books every morning. This method will allow you to stay inspired and motivated throughout the day and keeps you going. Pick any motivational book, read autobiographies, self-help books, and many available picks, and just read.

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