10 Steps That Helped Me Start Successfully The Keto Diet | by Salted Freckles | Nov, 2021

And lose 55lbs during the first year.

This post only intends to share my point of view and experience. Don’t follow any advice in this post without consulting with your healthcare provider first.

Beautiful keto meal: Blueberries, fried egg, almonds and an avocado.
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I am sure you’ve already heard or read something about the keto diet. Also, if you clicked on this post I suspect you are probably considering giving the ketogenic diet a try.

There are several reasons people choose the keto diet, being weight loss, weight management and health issues the main ones.

I started my journey on this incredible way of eating 7 years ago. During the first year, I lost 55 lbs and reached my goal weight in such an easy way that I still have trouble believing it.

Nowadays I see information about ketogenic everywhere. Books, magazines, websites, and so on, but to be honest some information present in those publications sometimes doesn’t seem very scientific and accurate.

You should always seek for quality information based on scientific research.

A great starting point to find great quality information about the Ketogenic diet is the diet doctor’s website.

In simple words, on a ketogenic diet, you will eat foods that are high in healthy fats, adequate amounts of protein, and low in carbohydrates.

Normally, to get into the state of ketosis, the person needs to ingest less than 50 grams of carbohydrates (it varies from person to person), but some people find it beneficial to reduce the number of carbs to 20 grams daily.

You need to make a decision. This will only work long-term when you’ve decided it’s time to take care of yourself.

The ketogenic diet will probably help you lose weight, be healthier, and feel great, but only if you face it as a lifestyle, not a diet.

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Take every available minute of your day to learn more about the ketogenic diet. Learn the basics from different sources, make questions, search for answers.

Never accept only one font of information and always keep learning.

There are great websites, podcasts, books. Most of them make their valuable information available for free.

I guarantee you that if you fully understand why and how the keto diet works, you will stick to it.

And besides that, you will learn A LOT!

This stage is also the perfect time to discuss your future dietary changes with your physician, check his opinion considering your past and current health status.

Don’t make any modifications to your diet without consulting with your primary healthcare provider first.

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While researching, choose some easy meals for one week, ideally for two weeks.

Even if you don’t know how to cook, or don’t have time to do it, with little research you will be able to find easy-to-prepare meals that you can be ready in five minutes or be precooked in advance.

Your cooking skills will greatly improve and make you feel very proud of the delicious food you are preparing.

If you have a favorite keto easy meal, you can always repeat it throughout the week. There are keto meals that I eat over and over throughout the week.

Don’t focus on deserts, in the beginning, search recipes or ideas for the three main meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), and plan some snacks to have on hand if you are hungry during the first days.

Easy way to build your keto meal

→ Chose your protein (meat, fish, or eggs);

→ Choose the vegetables (if you plan to eat them at that meal);

→ Choose the way you will cook your ingredients (fried, grilled, boiled…);

→ Decide which healthy fats you will incorporate into your meal.

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In the first weeks, you will probably need to add more fat to your diet, to encourage your body to burn fat more efficiently. One way of doing this is to use butter or mayo on top of your meat/fish or vegetables, eat more bacon or nuts.

Another option is to blend your coffee, decaf, or tea with 1 or 2 tbsp of your choice of healthy fats. This will give you more energy and make you feel better during the first days of the keto diet.

As time goes by you can relax a little on the fat content added to your meal to encourage your body to start burning your body fat instead of dietary fat.

With time, you will know how your body reacts to certain foods and adjust the amount of fat you need to feel satiated, energetic, and lose weight at the same time.

Prepare for the “Keto Flu”

During the first days of the keto diet, usually days 3–5, you can feel what is usually called the “Keto flu”.

As the name shows, if you are “struck” by the keto flu, you can feel more tired, lightheaded, irritable, less motivated, etc. It’s caused by the transition that your body has to do to burn fat instead of carbs for energy.

The good news is, this is not dangerous and eventually it goes away.

During the keto flu period, take it easy, eat more keto-friendly foods, increase your water and salt intake, ask your healthcare provider for supplementary advice.

When I first started the keto diet, I felt less strength on my weight lifting exercises on the first 3 days of the keto diet. After those 3 days, I felt an unbelievable amount of energy and well-being that I carry with me until this day.

Choose a day to start, and stick to it!

The first days (usually the first week) of the keto diet can be a little tough. Nothing you can’t deal with, of course. You will feel less energetic, and some people report feeling flu-like symptoms.

So, if you have a chance, start the keto diet on a weekend or plan to begin accordingly with your days off, or days when you don’t have to make big decisions or work a lot.

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Make a grocery list

Include in your list all the ingredients you will need to cook your meals. Making a grocery list beforehand it0s always a way to save some time and money during your grocery shopping trip.

Skip the processed foods Aisles

One good habit to start implementing along with your new lifestyle is to focus your shopping trip on the outer aisles of the grocery shop. This way it will be easier to buy whole, nutritious foods and avoid processed ones.

From now on never go grocery shopping hungry

Before going to the grocery store, eat something — my suggestion, two boiled eggs, and mayo. I guarantee you won’t be hungry and won’t feel so tempted to buy non-keto foods.

I don’t know why exactly they do this, but people around you will try to highjack your effort.

I think they are afraid that we might change along with our diet or sometimes they can be jealous of your decision. Everybody around me (except my husband) tried to question my food choices in the beginning. And even now some people in my family make fun of my food choices. With time, you will feel so good that you won’t even care about what other people say. Each one of us has its journey to improve. You just started yours and no one has anything to do with it.

If you live with someone, have kids, or share a table daily with friends or roommates, make your food, do small adjustments so that your food is not so different from theirs. Don’t try to make changes to other people’s diet, instead focus on yours.

If they see you feeling great, and your weight just melting in front of their eyes, they might start asking you for advice 😊

Give all the non-keto food to your friends and family, or donate it to a food bank.

If you share a house, store the non-keto items away from your eyesight, and put all the delicious keto foods in a grand display.

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Grab the recipes that you’ve chosen before and all the ingredients you bought at the store and plan a day to cook for the week.

Prepare everything you can, so that you have some pre-made delicious food in your fridge or freezer. Some days you will enjoy the art of cooking, but on those days when you feel tired or less motivated, you will have readily available food that can quickly satisfy your hunger and keep you on ketosis.

This takes away the temptation of ordering food or eating something non-keto.

Write the date, weigh in, and take measurements of your arms, belly, hips, and legs.

Measurements are more important than the weight on the scale because sometimes we lose fat and gain muscle with the keto diet and the muscle weight is more than the fat.

You shouldn’t weigh yourselves every day, but you should track your progress and write it down at least one time per week.

Usually, it’s considered healthy, a weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week. Keep in mind that is normal if you have weeks where you don’t lose any weight.

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