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2021 Annual Helping Hands Health & Education Update | by Narayan Shrestha | Nov, 2021

Narayan Shrestha

Dear Friends,

I hope that you and your families are prospering and healthy. Every day, I feel light and joy returning to the world, keeping my inspiration alive. In that vein of positivity, I am grateful to reach out to you with these promising updates from Helping Hands Health & Education (HHHE).

Thank you for your generous donations in 2020. During this difficult time, because of your generosity, we received more support than any previous year. In 2022, there are many projects to be completed in Nepal, the major ones I’ve outlined in a letter of stories below.

In addition to the projects featured in our letter, there are about 15 students who are sponsored by generous donors, a very worthy cause. Without this support, these students would not be able to continue their education. For those of you who are interested in sponsoring a student, please reach out to me at or text or call me at (303) 345–3143.

As many of you know, Helping Hands Health Education has spent tens of millions of dollars over multiple decades helping underrepresented communities all over the world. Below are stories from our last year of work. Thank you again for making all that we did possible.

In 2020, there was a devastating landslide in Sankhuwasabha District, Nepal. Eleven people lost their lives and many buildings were completely destroyed including our Surya Secondary Boarding School. With your kind and generous donations, we raised $120,000, enabling HHHE to rebuild with a stronger landslide-resistant foundation for the school. As well as, we were able to pay for six months of the lost salaries for our 62 faculty and staff members at the school during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Twenty years ago, Bidhya Udhas, a young girl of seven years old from a remote village in Khandbari Koshi, Nepal, was too poor to attend the local boarding school. HHHE provided the school funds for young Bidhya. Bidhya performed so well in her schooling she secured a prestigious scholarship to the Surya Secondary Boarding School. With the help of that scholarship as well as more funds provided by HHHE, Bidhya was able to grow intellectually and think about what she wanted to do for a living, rather than just

surviving. Bidhya dreamed of attending medical school and becoming a dentist so that she could give back to her community. Unfortunately, the same issues kept resurfacing. Bidhya was intelligent enough to attend prestigious medical schools in the area, but could not afford the tuition. An anonymous donor, a long-time supporter of HHHE’s work, stepped in to fund her tuition. As of July 2021, our story has come full circle and HHHE has hired Bidhya, now a highly qualified and licensed dentist, to work full-time at our HHHE hospital in Chainpur.

Dr. Bidhya Udas(left) Himani Shree student sponsored by our sister organization Watson Caring Signs Insitute(middle)

Now Bidhya needs our help again. Bidhya is just one dentist, but the dental needs of the residents in Chainpur are not being met. HHHE is now trying to raise funds to allow the hospital to hire enough staff

for its own dental clinic. Once these funds are raised, the dental clinic will be self-sustaining. $60,000 is needed to get the clinic up and running. HHHE has already raised $30,000. We are asking you all to donate to reach an additional $30,000 so that Bidhya and her new team can effectively meet the medical needs of her community.

Donor Ask: $30,000 for startup costs and operation of new a dental clinic in Chainpur.

This year, a donor from the US, working with HHHE, donated 80,000 reading glasses for the people of Nepal. These reading glasses now need to be distributed to people throughout the country. We estimate that distributing all these glasses will cost roughly $65,000, which includes: shipping, customs, and labor. HHHE has allocated $30,000 to this project. We now need to raise an additional $35,000 to meet our goal.

The donor has given HHHE a challenge and a reward. If we are able to distribute all 80,000 pairs of glasses by the end of February 2022, then an additional 300,000 pairs of glasses and $40,000 will be donated to the people of Nepal through HHHE. At that point, we will need another $30,000 to $40,000 for distribution costs. However, we must meet our initial goal of distributing 80,000 pairs of glasses first. We are so excited for this challenge, please help us reach it!

Donor Ask: $35,000 to distribute 80,000 reading glasses to the people of Nepal and to trigger the second phase of reading glasses donations.

COVID-19 and its subsequent variants have hit Nepal as hard as anywhere. As such, there has been a tremendous shortage of oxygen throughout the country, including the 100-bed HHHE hospital in Kathmandu. To combat this, HHHE has installed a brand new oxygen-generating plant. No longer do we need to purchase oxygen tanks at ever-increasing prices. The plant is completely operational as of right October 2021. It supplies enough oxygen to meet the needs of the Kathmandu hospital as well as distributes the surplus to other Nepalese hospitals and clinics in need. The building and installation of this plant have caused the hospital to go into $40,000 of debt. We need your help to repay the debt so that we can continue to provide life-saving oxygen to Nepalese covid patients in need.

Due to HHHE’s tremendous work with Kathmandu hospital and other HHHE projects around Nepal, local leadership asked to find a way to provide Covid-19 vaccines to the country. We wrote to Colorado Congressman Joe Neguse to see if he could help. Congressman Neguse immediately wrote to Secretary Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, to see if the US federal government could help. You can see Congressman Neguse’s beautifully crafted letter attached to the end of this newsletter. Within five days, a plane loaded with millions of doses of Covid-19 vaccines, along with other medical supplies, was sent to Nepal.

Donor Ask: $40,000 to pay off the debt accrued by the construction of the oxygen generating plant in HHHE Hospital in Kathmandu.

George Newell funds a medical program in Nepal. In this program, HHHE hires doctors and nurses and sends them (along with supplies) to medically underrepresented areas in Nepal. We coordinate this program 18 times a year. Due to covid, this program has not been run for over 16 months. We are hoping to restart this program again in January 2022.

I was in Nepal in early November to appoint a new board for the HHHE Nepal Chapter and to discuss the dental clinic mentioned in the story above. During this visit, I entered into negotiations with the owner of the hospital and dental clinic in Chainpur to purchase the property we currently rent. The landlord agreed to sell the property to HHHE for $300,000. We know it will be very difficult to obtain these funds right now. However, we hope to raise this money in the near future so that our Chainpur clinic will be 100% self-sustained

We have not set any firm dates yet for our volunteer trips to Nepal and Bhutan. However, tentative plans for these trips are set for May and November 2022. Let us know if any of you or your family and friends are interested in volunteering.

$30,000 — Startup costs for Dental Clinic in Chainpur

$35,000 — Distribution of 80,000 Reading Glasses

$40,000 — Oxygen Generating Plant in Kathmandu

$25,000 — Student funding for health and education

$20,000 — General Funding for current HHHE projects

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