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24 Best Medical-Grade Skin-Care From Dermstore

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The world of skin care is a lot to take in. There are so many options and factors to be educated on to make sure you are choosing the right products for you. The amount of research that goes into creating a skin-care product and testing its efficacy takes years. Most of the progress and discovery in skin-care science, such as ingredient discovery, is thanks to medical-grade skin-care companies like the notable SkinCeuticals, the dermatologist favorite EltaMD, and Obagi Medical. The formulations are potent — usually a step below, if not comparable to, prescription products, and they are backed by testing and clinical trials. This type of skin-care is usually sold exclusively in dermatologists’ offices, medical spas and clinics, and at Dermstore.

This retailer houses brands at the forefront of research and innovation, and that’s often reflected in the price. However, your whole routine doesn’t have to be medical-grade to reap the benefits. We highly suggest having one to three medical-grade products maximum in your routine — the rest can be affordable finds from the drugstore or department stores. We curated the best-of-the-best skin-care products from Dermstore that are worth the splurge and dermatologist-recommended. Looking to invest in a quality vitamin C serum? The Obagi Professional-C 20% is a potent option. If you’re on the hunt for a serum that can do it all, the SkinMedica TNS Advanced+ Serum is perfect for anti-aging, acne control, and brightening.

These skin-care products rarely go on sale, and when they do there’s no better time to stock up on favorites and take the plunge to see what the hype is all about. From now until June 14, you can get 15 percent off SkinCeuticals products with the code “SKINC15” at checkout. Ahead, we rounded up our top picks from the brand, as well as other medical-grade favorites you can shop.

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