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3 Health Tips for 2022. So, 2022 is here and you have decided… | by Kiwikisanwindow | Jan, 2022


So, 2022 is here and you have decided to take advantage of this fresh beginning and work on yourself!

You wake up at 5 am.

You drink plenty of water.

You eat a balanced diet.

You work out every day.

You sleep for a good 7 to 8 hours every day.

But then your planning begins to falter. The reasons can be plenty :

  • excess of workload,
  • festivities & functions,
  • exhaustion,
  • overindulgence in junk food, or
  • laziness

When it comes to building habits and health, consistency is the key. Swapping one of the meals in a day with a healthier option, walking for 20–30 minutes a day, etc are some ways you can start small and firm. Going overboard will only push you beyond limits and make you burnt out.

In addition to this, time can play a huge role in this. The European Journal of Social Psychology published a study in 2009 that stated two prominent things:

  • It can take from 18–254 days to form a new habit and,
  • It can take an average of 66 days for that habit to become automated.

Time and consistency can aid improvements in your life both mentally and physically.

Tips for a healthier lifestyle:

Now that you know how to go about building new habits, it’s time to decide on habits that will help you become healthier.

A balanced diet: A balanced diet is a foundation to better mental and physical health. What we consume impacts us beyond our grasp. A diet filled with nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables can improve your health by leaps and bounds. In addition to this, a good diet lowers the risk of numerous health ailments. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in abundance. Some nutritionally rich vegetables & fruits that you can include in your diet are:

  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Leafy greens
  • Berries
  • Bell peppers
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms

Regular exercise:

Being active, both physically and mentally, has been connected with a sound mind and body. Getting in even half an hour of exercise on a daily basis can improve your health. It is linked to the benefits like better eyesight, enhanced lean muscles, and normalised blood pressure levels. Not only does exercising keep health hazards and ailments at bay, but it also adds years to your life. There are a number of ways in which you can become physically active including dancing, cycling, jumping rope, or playing a sport. As long as you are exercising you will reap its benefits, no matter what you choose.

Good hours of sleep:

Once you wake up in the morning, your body moves throughout the day without rest. It carries you and helps you get through the day’s tasks from minute to grand ones. A good night’s sleep is a great way to provide your body with rest and relaxation. It lessens the stress and exhaustion. If you have issues in falling asleep, try some meditation or drink a healthy tonic like chamomile tea.

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