4 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood. Writers, coffee’s included | by Danielle Ramaekers | ILLUMINATION | Dec, 2021

Wake up with a fresh cup of coffee and a healthy daydream.

As well as increasing alertness and reducing fatigue, your morning coffee provides an opportunity to close your eyes and envision a positive future.

It’s not only the fun factor that makes positive visualisation worth it. Studies show that people who can visualise a brighter future are more optimistic.

Studies show that yoga may help reduce stress and increase mood, so use your newfound energy to unroll your yoga mat.

Plus, slow breathing techniques help improve psychological well-being.

It’s also been shown that mindfulness improves stress and mood. Pausing to notice the sounds around you — birds chirping in the trees, a dog barking in the distance, or the footfalls of a neighbour out for a walk — is an easy way to drop into the present moment and practice mindfulness.

For those of you with fur-babies, take the time to cuddle up. Science proves that pet ownership has a multitude of positive effects on humans.

Plus, you can walk them outside to feel the wind in their fur. It’s one way to witness the health-promoting power of gratitude. And it’s great for a laugh, which is excellent because laughing is linked to reduced stress.

Walking has a positive effect on sleep with or without your four-legged mood boosters.

And studies show that average sleep quality is better than quantity when it comes to emotional health and life satisfaction. Whether it’s creating a nighttime routine, indulging in a warm cup of calming chamomile tea before bed or falling asleep to your favourite meditation app, getting a good nights sleep is crucial for boosting your mood.

These four helpful tips are easy ways to build small routines into your day that help fuel a positive mood, even when you’re crunched for time. Plus, most writers who appreciate the power of caffeine will be thrilled to know their morning cuppa joe comes with more benefits than productivity alone.

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