4 things to consider before you start preparing for USMLE | by Studyingsince2013 | Sep, 2021


1. When are you planning to take the exam?

It is important to decide when are you planning to take it because this will determine your study schedule and preparation. Both have their pros and cons but asking this question helps you begin the first step which is understanding what option works best for you.

2. Visa process

Usually, the whole process involves applying for a J-1 visa after you finish the USMLE exams and get matched into residency but it is good to have an idea about the whole process so that you will be better prepared.

3. Research

It is good to get some research experience because it really amplifies your resume. Find out from your teachers about this opportunity and figure how you can get a paper published.

4. USCE — US Clinical Experience

This is a very important step because this is something that program directors consider, US experience. USCE will be like your clinical postings except it’s in the US. This is the opportunity to meet other students, doctors and learn from them and also to get an opportunity to get some US-based letters of recommendation.

These are a few of my recommendations but more coming your way. I just want to help you all through the process so that mistakes can be prevented and maybe reduce the stress to some extent. Hope you find these helpful.

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