4 Ways to Calm Anxiety Naturally. By John Cherveny | by John Cherveny | Nov, 2021

John Cherveny

By John Cherveny

4 Great Tricks to Help Calm Your Anxiety that are All Natural By John Cherveny

Whether you’re anticipating or currently experiencing a big life change, or feeling like you are overwhelmed from life, this is something that everyone will feel at least one time or another in their life: Anxiety. Anxiety can be a creative killer, and it can really debilitate someone from fully living their lives to the fullest. Everyone deserves the most out of life, so here are some natural options to help you get out of an anxiety cycle and start thriving.

There are several companies out there ready to sell you whatever gimmick that their supplement is the end-all/ cure-all for all of your worries. There are several healing herbs that might help, but the biggest common denominator of people suffering from anxiety is they are deficient in the minerals calcium and magnesium. Anyone with anxiety can pick up a bottle of Calcium- Magnesium — Zinc combo for a triple punch of calm. You just might want to try taking it before bed, as it can calm the nerves so much that you may drift into sleep.

If you think about it, the spike in anxiety in our society over the last few decades is also similar to the timing of the spike of development of the land and urban sprawls. Is there any surprise that with the less places to go camp and spend time in nature that there are more people experiencing depression and anxiety? There have been articles and studies showing that there are mental health benefits of spending time in nature, so whether that means going for a walk, going for a canoe/ kayak ride, just make time to do it a couple of times a month.

While this point of advice sounds like a cliche, there are several ways to use your breath intentionally to help calm you down from anxiety or even the edge of panic attacks. A great technique for intentional breathing would be to try the Wim Hof technique. You can start with his easy 10-minute intro on YouTube, and work your way up to do the cold showers, and then cold plunges. Give yourself 10 minutes and following along this video.

Whether you only have one friend, or one parent, or the pick of one out of hundreds of friends, it’s good to lean into your support system, but be sure not to overwhelm them with trauma dumping (it’s a real thing!). With that being said, if you are experiencing mild, moderate, or severe anxiety, it may be time to widen the support system to a licensed therapist, who may be able better to reframe your anxieties and help you face them better. With online therapy, you might be able to feel a little better with making it fit your schedule, and be in the comfort of your own home.

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