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5 Easy DIY Cleaners for Everyday Use at Home | by Rinita Sen | Sep, 2021

Rinita Sen
A mop and a bucket

If you’re anything like me and love a clean house, I’m sure you must’ve tried and tested hundreds of different cleaning products out there in the market. But let’s be honest. Most of the cleaning products contain harmful chemicals and don’t support healthy living.

They might do the job, though. They often do the job well. But at what cost? Allergies, toxins, headaches, skin irritations, and several invisible long-term health issues. These make up a whole other topic.

Of course, you could also buy the “natural” and “eco-friendly” products but in doing so you’ll more than likely break the bank. And just because the label says “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re getting a safe product. Many times they hide the ingredients or source them from unreliable suppliers.

So, now, we come to the real topic. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) cleaners. There are tons of recipes out there for such cleaners. But you only need a few of them for the regular upkeep of your home.

Here are the top 5 tried and tested ones. These are also super easy to make.

And so, keeping a floor cleaner handy works best. All you need for this floor cleaner are three simple ingredients. Here we go.

Vinegar — 2 cups

Laundry Liquid (it’s best if you can find organic or natural ones)— about a cap full

Tea tree oil — 40 drops

To prepare this solution, mix all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it vigorously. Keep it in a safe place away from sunlight.

When you’re ready to clean your floor, pour 2–3 capfuls of the liquid into half a bucket of water. Mop your floors away!

The only catch is that because it contains vinegar, this solution isn’t suitable for floors with natural stones, such as marble or granite. For cleaning those, move on to the next section.

At first, I had to scratch my head and research a lot because I didn’t know how to make things shine without vinegar. But then, what I found out as a winning solution was even simpler with just 2 ingredients. Here we go.

Natural laundry liquid — 2 cups

Tea tree oil — 50 drops

That’s it! Mix these two ingredients in a bottle and store it. And when it’s time to mop, mix a couple of capfuls with half a bucket of water and get the job done.

There are some words of caution, though. Some old homes may have unsealed marble, in which case, tea tree oil might not be a good option as it may seep through the stone.

If you don’t know your marble type, the best you can do is a patch test. Fortunately, my marble floors passed the test.

You may also mop your marble tiles with just soap and water but the tea tree oil would give that extra sparkle and keep your house protected with its antimicrobial properties.

Vinegar — 1 cup

Purified water (drinking water is fine if you can’t get hold of distilled water — 1 cup

Liquid dishwashing soap — 2–3 teaspoons

Tea tree oil — 20 drops

Mix everything in a spray bottle and shake well. Store it safely and simply spray and wipe whenever and wherever needed. Again, it has vinegar so don’t use it on marble or granite.

Your typical spray and wipe solutions aren’t going to be effective against these deep stains. But here is a solution of 3 ingredients that can.

Baking soda — 1 tablespoon

Tough laundry detergent powder — 4 tablespoons

Water — just a little

Mix everything to form a paste. Apply the paste on the stains for at least 30 minutes. You may leave it overnight for tougher stains.

Wipe with a scrub pad and rinse with water.

Baking soda — 1 tablespoon

Water — a little

Make a paste and apply it to the interiors of the oven. Be careful to not let the paste smear onto the heating rods. Leave it on for 20–30 minutes. Wipe clean with a cloth or a paper towel.

People often don’t want to involve themselves in DIY projects because of the additional time it takes. But when the ingredients are so few and readily available, you can just throw everything together in a minute.

The benefits you get out of it are aplenty. Your home, your hands, your cleaners. Cannot get any simpler than that.

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