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5 Indonesian Foods You Can Enjoy As a Vegetarian | by Andrean Nutrition | Oct, 2021

Andrean Nutrition

The vegetarian diet in recent years has become a lifestyle that many people do around the world. vegetarian diet can provide various health benefits for those who do.

Most of the foods that we can easily find are not intended for vegetarians, this causes a vegetarian to tend to find it difficult to find food, especially when visiting abroad.

If you travel abroad, especially to Indonesia, some of these foods are suitable for those of you who are on a vegetarian diet. You can easily find these types of food in Indonesia and you don’t have to go to a vegetarian-only restaurant.

Gado — Gado

Gado — gado or we can also call it Indonesian salad is one of the most popular types of food in Indonesia. Gado — gado is suitable for vegetarians because it contains absolutely no animal ingredients. One serving of gado — gado consists of sliced lontong, fried tofu and tempeh, as well as various vegetables which are then drizzled with peanut sauce. No need to worry about the nutrients you get, you can get carbohydrates from sliced rice cakes, protein from tofu and tempeh, vitamins and minerals from various types of vegetables.

Nasi Pecel

Nasi pecel has similarities like gado — gado, which means they use the same peanut sauce but of course with a different peanut sauce seasoning. Apart from peanut sauce, the ingredients used to make pecel have many differences. As the name suggests, nasi pecel is served with white rice, with additional vegetables, and fried tofu or tempeh. as a complement to nasi pecel, don’t forget to add peyek.

Tahu Kupat

This food is easier to find in the Central Java region. This dish is served with ketupat and fried tofu as the main ingredients. Kupat tofu is usually served with sliced cabbage, bean sprouts, bakwan and also noodles. This combination is then doused with dark brown soy sauce and then sprinkled with fried peanuts.

Tempeh and Tofu Bacem

Tempeh and tofu seem to be familiar to most people. These foods are usually used as a substitute for animal protein sources. We find tempeh and tofu bacem a lot in the Java region, especially Central Java. This food is made by boiling with soy sauce and of course not forgetting the various spices to make it more delicious.

Mung Bean Porridge

One type of sweet porridge that you can easily find in Indonesia is green bean porridge. Green bean porridge is usually used as a breakfast menu for some people. This mung bean porridge is made from boiled green beans until soft, usually combined with glutinous rice to provide a longer feeling of fullness. Mung beans and sticky rice that have been boiled until soft will later be given a sauce made from a mixture of coconut milk which gives a savory taste, and palm sugar which gives a sweet taste. You can enjoy this food warm or cold.

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