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5 Rules for a Healthy living. When it comes to being healthy there… | by Misha N | Oct, 2021

When it comes to being healthy there are various rules which are hard to keep maintain like — don’t do this, don’t eat this, do less it and do more that. This list is so long, never ends. So what to do? Actually the most important thing is that always listen to your heart because you heart will never tells you wrong. So maintain a healthy lifestyle is quite easy. You just need to follow some rules which are not so difficult.

Here I’m telling you some simple rules which are so easy and everyone can do this:

Whenever it comes to Meditation, we start to making various excuses. You just need to give only 5 minutes to meditation everyday. Gradually you become habituate by it, then you can increase timings of your meditation. It is quite simple but can be a big change in your well-being.

All you have to do is to sit down crossed legs, then close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

By doing this your stress and anxiety will soon disappear, which will make you happy, your sleep better and you will feel more enthusiast.

Water is the best remedy to function your body properly. Every-time we are so much busy in our work that we forget to drink water which is completely wrong. If you do not drink enough water your body will get dehydrated and you will feel exhausted.

Water helps to flush out all the waste from the body. Make sure when you go out carry a water bottle together always with you. Never ever forget to drink 8–10 glasses of water in a day. You will feel better when you follow this rule.

According to Nutritionists, the Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. It is not only important for our physical fitness but also important to being positive, active and consciousness. It is mandatory to have breakfast always on time.

The breakfast should be fulfill with protein nutrition. You can include cereals, pulses, milk, green vegetables, poha, curd, nuts, eggs, and beans etc.

If you not having breakfast then the amount of fat starts to increase in your body and you feel laziness all the day. So don’t skip the breakfast and live a healthy life.

It is important to do whatever which you like the most. It can be workout, or any hobby, or any social cause, or spend quality time with family/self, listening music, watching movies, gardening, DIYs, games, fun activities and play with pets.

It is not difficult to make yourself happy. You just need to take some steps ahead.

Your life is not to sit on the desk, you have to experience such things which are from the outer world. The one thing you have to do to take some time for yourself and that is to go for a trip.

By this you will learn a lot of new things which will be useful in your life ahead. So plan your vacation with friends, family or solo and go for it. It is necessary to enjoy every moment of your life.

Always take a camera with you because when you will look back on years from now you will recall your memories and a smile will be then on your face.

So I’ve shared such important points in this article. These are such a few topics which are mandatory to live a healthy and prosperous life. Living a Healthy Life is to explore yourself which will give you to lifetime satisfaction and immense pleasure.

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