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5 Tips To Get Glowing Skin, According To Nam Vo

Few things are better than a dewy makeup look. Glowing skin can put a pep in your step, a smile on your face, and even transform your mood. Who doesn’t want to look like they just stepped off the plane from a tropical vacation, especially during colder months? And what’s more satisfying than catching yourself in the mirror and seeing someone who is absolutely radiant.

Dewy skin has been trending in the makeup world for a few years now — all you have to do is scroll through social media for proof. Beyond makeup artist and influencers, major celebrities have also jumped on the dewy-skin train. Hailey Bieber and Chrissy Teigen have made a fresh, glowing sheen their signature look, spawning hundreds of articles on how to copy their glow.

But no one is a bigger proponent of luminous makeup than celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo. Vo is undeniably the queen of glow, giving her celebs clients (Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton, to name just two) beats that are the epitome of her signature “dewy dumpling” technique, which starts with skincare and ends with copious amounts of highlighter.

We spoke with Vo, who recently partnered with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, on how to exude a dewy glow, even in the winter months. Read on for five of her must-try products and tips.

Start With A Healthy Base

The key to getting the radiant makeup look of your dreams is prioritizing your skin’s health. “Creating a glowy makeup look really does start with skin care,” Vo explains. “The healthier your skin is, the better your makeup will lay and stay in place. Achieving glowy skin does not only come from using a highlighter, although that definitely helps.”

No matter your skin type, your body’s largest organ probably needs a little extra love during winter months — which is where skincare devices come in. Vo loves using LED masks to help keep her skin luminous and icy facial rollers to brighten and de-puff her skin. “Treating your skin to a soothing mask once or twice a week will also help set your skin up for success,” she adds. “Whether it’s with a sheet mask, like this soothing rubber mask, or a mud clarifying mask, you’re guaranteed a fresh, purified face for the week ahead.”

Add Some Gloss

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether your planning an intimate date night with bae or a fun night out with friends, you’re probably already thinking about what your makeup look will be. A full glam, complete with a statement lip and dramatic eyeliner, is usually a go-to. But Vo says to consider a more understated look.

“Valentine’s Day makeup doesn’t need to be super glam, and I prefer to focus on having healthy, glowy skin as a base,” she says. “Even though I love a bold red lip — it’s not always necessary to create a swoon-worthy look! Sometimes, a simple glossy lip does the trick — a little shine goes a long way.”

Let Your Skin Breathe

A full beat may seem like the right move for winter, but Vo actually says packing on the products may exacerbate winter dryness. “I tend not to wear as much makeup during the winter to avoid drying out my skin any further,” she says. “I like my skin to breathe.”

“If you want to keep your skin hydrated in the colder months, you can wear less makeup and focus on a hydrating regimen, incorporating products like serums, moisturizers, creams and oils,” Vo suggests. Instead of reaching for your concealer, the makeup artists suggests “using products that revitalize the skin to create radiance and luminosity, like this Retinol Skin Brightener from Marshalls.”

Embrace Your Skin’s Natural Oils

If you have oily skin, chances are you fear the natural oil your skin produces. Vo was the same growing up, but lately, she’s learned to love her self-made dew. “Growing up as an oily girl, I always thought that oil was something to be afraid of,” she says. Now, she incorporates her skin’s natural oil in her everyday routine. “Oil helps to create that natural, dewy look,” she says. “If you’re looking to minimize the look of oil, using a matte foundation can help alleviate some of the natural oil, but the skin should still look moisturized. Adding a touch of highlighter to the cheekbones can achieve that dewy look while minimizing natural oils.”

Use A Cream Bronzer

Vo loves using cream bronzers “to create a natural, sun-kissed glow.” A little goes a long way, and they blend more easily and effortlessly than their powder counterparts. To snatch her face, Vo draws a “3” shape on each side of her face, starting from her hairline/temple, then to her cheekbone, and finally her jawline. “If I’m looking for even more dimension and that unicorn sparkle, I apply my highlighter in a “C” shape toward my temples and cheekbones,” she explains.

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