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6 PROVEN WAYS TO CREATE HEALTHY HABITS | by Kiranjyot Kaur | Sep, 2021

Kiranjyot Kaur
Ways to create healthy habits

Y’all tell me, how many times have you sat to make a beautiful plan for healthy living habits but lazing around every time to step on it? Even if you started to work on it by the time you failed to continue it for long?

Let me tell you straightforwardly the reason why you are not able to make it long is that you are trying to do everything at once. Walking 5 km on day one, 20 squats on day one, eating all green on day one and finishing a novel on day one!

This day one enthusiasm is pulling you back on day two or three. This is not leading you to healthy habits but holding you and you are just stuck with planning which without execution is of no use other than stress and self doubt.

You’re not the only one repeating this same thing. I was also the one among you, who used to buy a beautiful decorative year planner, write down my goals but was never able to check those habits at the end of the day.

Now, Instead of changing my routine, I’ve modified it with healthy habits so that these habits don’t feel like a burden on our daily routine. In this article I’m going to tell you some points to keep in mind to start your healthy living and also we’ll look at some healthy habits you can opt in your daily routine to kick start your journey and stay them for long and maybe forever with you.

In case you are going to the gym or working out at home, then go to the park or some nature surrounding place to follow up just for the change and to feel more fresh.

Here, we’ve covered 6 ways to create healthy habits that you can follow if you are facing issues to start a healthy journey and let it stay long and forever. These are the basic points yet you are free to add your own creative elements to them according to your needs. Don’t make your plan too rigid, it will make you annoyed over time. Always remember that habits over time should be part of your life; they shouldn’t feel like doing anything extra. With this note, I left you to plan your healthy day ahead.

Happy Healthy!

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