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6 Tips/Hacks on How to Survive the Holidays as an Introvert (2021) | by Beanbry | Nov, 2021


These upcoming holidays can be a highly stressful occasion for introverts. From family members invading your personal bubble, to having to purchase everyone gifts, to even forcing yourself to step foot out of your door to attend an event/party… Here are 6 tips on how to survive the holiday season as a person who just wants to be left alone: the introverts!

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#1. Bribe them with good gifts…

They’ll have to think twice before coming across as an a*hole to someone who has obviously put effort into giving them a quality present. And hey, the more time they spend with their new gifts, is the less time they’ll spend interacting with you.

#2. Spend extra effort/time in your appearance.

No more concerning questions asking about your health and the state of your hair > when you’re looking good! This will also come with a bonus giving you an extra confidence boost and better feeling to (hopefully) last throughout the event.

#3. Pre-think your responses.

Like an interview except your goal isn’t to impress them. In fact, find out ways to turn the conversation back to them. Chances are they love to talk about themselves… and their kids… and soccer practice… Being a good listener is also a valuable skill acquired by majority of introverts that could be used to your advantage. That, or you could just zone-out and give the occasional nod or smile; it works like a charm.

#4. Work.

Too many people are off work celebrating… so who exactly is going to show up?? You! Nothing like getting on your boss’s good side while getting extra pay for it! Once you tell your family “it’s what the manager wants”, there’s not much else they could say.

#5. Leave.

Chances are your presence won’t be realised for quite a while with the chaos of the entire gathering. Or simply accept the last-minute errands; not only will people feel grateful and ease off of you following your return, but you have, at the very least, a 30-minute cooldown (escape) to get out of the house. However, there may be situations you could help around less crowded places such as offering to set up, cook or clean — that could, in turn, take your mind off things.

Only you would know your boundaries, recharge and come back when you’re ready.

#6. …Or just don’t even show up. At all…

Think about it… You’ll have a whole entire year to think of an excuse to those family members that only keep in touch during the holidays. Amazing! While boomers would disagree, taking your well-earned, valuable time to go on a holiday is highly beneficial, not to mention fun! Spending time with those who you are closest to, whether that be your immediate family or best friends, is what the holiday spirit is all about. Don’t feel guilty and enjoy your break. You deserve it!

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