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7 Detox Foods That Will Change Your Body! | by DOJO | Sep, 2021


There are so many times in our lives wherein we mindlessly munch away. In this fast pace life, we often think cooking food to be time consuming and hence end up ordering food or eat packaged food. Often the foods we consume are unhealthy and have toxins in them. Toxins are very harmful for the body as they poison our enzymes which in turn affect bodily functions. Thankfully, there are certain foods which help flush out these toxins.

Here are 7 detox foods that we should include in our diets which help lose weight and maintain good health:

1. Lemon

When life gives you lemons, know its time to say goodbye to toxins! Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, which help in the growth and development of the body and repair the tissues. They also help in building our immune system. Lemon is one food that highly aids weight loss and reduces the risk of heart diseases, kidney stones and cancer.

2. Almonds

Almonds are not just for the brain but also for the body. These superfoods are packed with proteins, calcium, Vitamin E, copper and zinc. Almonds help in building bones and also assist in controlling the blood sugar levels of our bodies. A few almonds daily can go a long way for you.

3. Green tea

The best source for increasing your metabolism is green tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants which help in weight loss and lowers the risk of fatal diseases like cancer. Research has also shown that green tea helps in improving brain function. If green tea is a part of your daily life, you surely will enjoy a longer and healthier life.

4. Ginger

From tea to the main dish, ginger is a very flexible ingredient in Indian kitchens but did you know it is very beneficial for our health? Studies have shown ginger to have many medicinal properties. It helps reduce oxidative stress and helps in weight loss too! It also promotes healthy digestive system and lower cholesterol levels.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric has proven its efficiency for centuries together. This traditional herb is rich in Manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. It helps reduce inflammation, maintain good skin and build immunity. Turmeric also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease and reduce depression. Turmeric is the magic ingredient for a radiant and healthy body.

6. Cabbage

Leafy greens may not be all that exciting to look at, but they sure are a powerhouse of healthy nutrients. Cabbage is filled with Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Calcium and fiber. They help maintain our gut health by promoting regular bowel movements. Cabbages also play a role in clotting of blood.

7. Water

The basic yet the most integral element of human existence. Water is the easiest way to flush out toxins from the body. It helps in clearing your skin, prevent constipation and carry oxygen and nutrients to your cells. You should drink at least 2.5- 3L of water daily in order to purify your body and boost your fitness.

These are the 7 amongst many other foods that will help you cleanse your body and make it light. These foods have shown evident changes and helped people reshape their health and eating habits.

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