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7 Practices to Improve Heart Health Naturally | by Epillo | Oct, 2021


In the current era, there is no age group for detecting heart ailments. Cardiovascular diseases are the primary cause of death these days. Did you know, WHO reported heart attacks as the number one cause of death with an estimated 50,000 deaths every year. Doctors invent a new pill for curing heart diseases every year but managing it is also mandatory. Even in the outside world’s undesirable situations, people prefer digital health management solutions and natural practices from the convenience of home rather than visiting doctors physically.

Let us understand some basic practices to maintain good heart health.

Work out regime is the first step towards taking care of your health. A study shows that mild exercises like walking 4 hours per week can reduce the risk of hospitalization for cardiovascular disease events. So, work out is a must, and you should begin it immediately if you hadn’t till now. Initially, You can start with mild work out for about a 20 mins regime and can increase gradually with time.

In the chaotic schedule of life, people do not have much time to take care of their health, and they usually rely on junk food instead of nutritious one. But did you know that junk foods contain preservatives and harmful food components that are not good for your heart? So, instead of consuming unhealthy food, try making healthy swaps like white bread with whole wheat bread, snacks & gummies with nuts, white rice with brown rice and many more. Also, don’t forget to integrate green vegetables and fruits into your diet. It will balance out your blood pressure and cholesterol while contributing towards better heart health.

Meditation has been practiced over thousands of years now. It is like a practice of mindfulness, focussing the mind on a particular object, thought or activity, observation and awareness of our own being. Meditation is also known to be practiced to calm the mind and destress. Due to chaotic lifestyle and busy schedules, we usually come across unnecessary pressure of work as well as household chores. There are nine popular types of mediation that one can practice.

• Mindfulness Meditation
• Spiritual Meditation
• Focused Meditation
• Movement Meditation
• Mantra Meditation
• Transcendental Meditation
• Progressive Relaxation
• Loving-Kindness Meditation
• Visualization Meditation

Smoking is injurious to health, especially for heart health. Research reported that smoking is a significant cause of cardiovascular disease. When combined with other factors, smoking can have devasting effects on health. So, quitting smoking is essential for better heart health.

Taking unnecessary stress is not good for health. And, in the case of heart health, it is crucial as irrelevant stress can lead to increased blood pressure and heart attacks. Integrate stress-controlling meditation practices like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, & body scan meditation to minimize stress from your day to day life. Even various digital health management solutions are helpful in stress management.

Obesity is another leading cause for arising cardiovascular issues. Another practice that is indispensable for improvisation in heart health is weight management. Try workout, yoga and other healthy techniques for managing weight. Jogging, yoga, cycling, walking, running, and weight lifting activities will be beneficial for managing weight naturally.

Last but not least, don’t forget your chocolates. Studies show that people who eat more chocolates have lower heart attacks, heart failure, and even deaths due to heart disease. But preferably the dark chocolates, as they do not contain added sugar and preservatives. So, you can eat some chocolates as well but in a moderate amount.

Taking the proper care of yourself is a must for improving your heart health. Integrate the techniques mentioned above for the better management of your heart health. We understand that situations are challenging outside, and stepping out for medical advice is a little challenging in these circumstances. So, if you are looking for a digital health management solution, Epillo health systems are the right choice for you. Also, if you are looking for a regular source of health information, visit https://epillo.com.

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