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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Ireland

This extraordinary island in the North Atlantic is a trendy holiday destination. Many tourists worldwide travel here to look for exciting activities, picturesque landscapes, and quiet walks among the significant historical sites. If you are still unsure, though, we present you with 7 reasons why you should visit Ireland.

1. Natural Landscapes

When it comes to greenery, hills, and seaside cliffs – nothing compares. Masses of travelers come here just to enjoy the naturally created scenery. You can hike across the mountains such as Wicklow, Slievemore, and many more. Also, a great way to enjoy the sights is by sailing or taking boat rides along majestic lakes, which Ireland is full of.

Ireland hike route:

2. The Festivities

Despite the serenity that the nature of Ireland can offer, there is a wilder side here as well. The Irish host many festivals, concerts, shows, and fairs, so it would be great to catch at least one! The great thing is that the cities are equally active no matter if you travel in summer or wintertime. We recommend attending TradFest in Dublin – a festival of traditional Irish music and enjoying celebrations on St. Patrick’s day!

3. Game of Thrones

Yes, the famous HBO series was filmed in many locations in Ireland, and even though the show is finished, people still travel to see the landscapes seen on screen. For example, discover the Mourne Mountains, which was the background for scenes in Winterfell. This also includes Cushendun Caves and Ballintoy Harbour.

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4. Beer and Whiskey

Ireland is extremely proud of its traditions of brewing the most famous alcoholic beverages in the world. You have probably heard of Guinness beer, which, if you did not know, originates in Ireland. In addition, there are many pubs favorited by travelers to freshen up with a pint or a glass of whiskey. The choices include Jameson, Bushmills, and many more mainstream names.

Beer in Ireland:

5. Vibrant Cities

For anyone who wishes to experience the loveliness of the locals and the active ways they spend time, we suggest heading to some of the most energetic cities! For example, staying in Galway is an excellent choice if you want to eat the most various food and spend the evenings out. It also thrives on music, so there will not be a dull moment no matter where you go. If you find yourself in Northern Ireland, head to Belfast to see how true Irishmen have fun!

Lively streets of Ireland:

6. Historical Sites

Ireland takes pride in its history, and fortunately, anyone can be a witness of it since there are plenty of landmarks all around the country. For example, Mount Sandel in Northern Ireland, which is one of the oldest archeological sites in the country, dating back as far as 9.000 years. It is also home to some of the oldest monasteries in the British Isles, so history buffs here have the time of their lives!

One of the monasteries in Ireland:

7. Irish Cuisine

An additional reason people invest in Ireland tours is the cuisine. Not only do people get to enjoy traditional food, such as beef stew, soda bread, or bread pudding, but they can also treat themselves to the newest discoveries in Irish culinary. Many restaurants in the biggest cities offer exciting menus and unusual flavors to try out.

Are you convinced to travel to Ireland yet? If so, be attentive to all these reasons listed above so that your holiday is as fulfilling as it can be. Also, do not be afraid to try out new things; these kinds of trips are what make us feel alive!

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