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7 Surprising facts about tea and tisanes you didn’t know | by Simran Arora | Jan, 2022

Simran Arora
  1. The ancient people used tisanes to cure the sickly
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In ancient China, medicinal tea’s and decoctions were prepared to heal various illnesses. The Traditional Chinese Medicine comprises of various prescriptions that are only used by expert practitioners. However, there are a few basic tisanes prepared using one or two herbs that are normally prepared in homes by common people in their day to day lives. This brief history falls in sync with the India Ayurveda as well, wherein various herbs are boiled and the water is then given to the patient to cure the ailment he/she is suffering from.

Nowadays, there are many herbal teas available in the market that can even be consumed on a daily basis and can be enjoyed as a beverage for keeping the body hydrated and providing nourishment to the various organs of the body.

2. Tea as a medium for meditation

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The tea ceremony is a form of meditation, as you focus on the tea and yourself. As you drink it, you also meditate and relish in the calm and stillness. It’s a great way to take a break from our busy lives and to relax.

Tea is also a form of medicine. Back in ancient times, tea was used to cultivate the equanimous mind. Having an equanimous mind means having stability and balance with your state of mind. Tea helps you gain stability and composure which is undisturbed by experience of or exposure to emotions, pain or other phenomena that may cause others to lose the balance of their mind. The idea is very basic but the results are powerful.

3. Is herbal tea better than normal tea?

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Herbal tea is a simple, refreshing caffeine-free alternative to your favorite black or green tea. What’s more, herbal teas provide you with an excellent means to stay hydrated (we all get bored with water sometimes) while getting a boost of vitamins, antioxidants, and helping take the edge off the day.

4. Some herbal teas can be great for your skin health

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So if you are looking into invest in your skin health?

Try sipping some rooibos tea. Listed out some pretty strong skin benefits that it has to offer.

1. Anti-ageing properties

2. Prevents skin disorders

3. Alleviate bacterial infections

4. Promotes healthy skin

5. Boosts hair growth

6. Prevents grey hair

7. Make skin supple and soft

5. Herbal tea can also be used to balance the doshas in the body

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Each dosha has a number of corresponding qualities that are expressed in the physical, emotional and mental aspects of one’s being. All of us have some aspects of each dosha, but one or two doshas tend to dominate. A proper balance of the doshas is essential for overall physical and mental health.

The concept of doshas is a big subject in Ayurveda and needs a very deep understanding. There are certain lifestyle changes that can also help in bringing back the lost balance in life. Yin and yang concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a bit simpler to understand and is quite similar in the overall mechanism it portrays regarding the essential balance that should be maintained in the body. Therefore, we will be sharing about those soon so that all of you get an understanding into which side is more prevalent in your body and which side needs nourishment to balance the other.


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