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Farwa Jawad

Takeaway points with short descriptions.

Ever felt always in a hyped up mood? like as if your body is always in that phase of aka; fight and flight. It is a consist feeling of being stressed out which takes a toll on your health, due to some mental trauma and emotional disturbances.Even if you dont seem to notice your in stress, your body speaks a different language. So here are some sypmtoms of chronic stress:

Frequent infections and illness:

Sudden illnesses and new diseases can be the symptom of chronic stress. You have frequent migranes,IBS,stomach issues like acidity, breathing problems, high heart rate, stiffness of muscles, hairfall, acne, and most importantly your overall body gives a tired vibe. It complains by pain in certain parts of areas. Your skin suffers greatly. For females you might even notice changes in your cycle and weight. If your body is less immune and you experience unexplained illnesses chronic stress could be the reason.

Difficulty sleeping

One of the major symptoms of any mental health problem is changes in sleep cycle. Hence chronic stress alters with your sleep schedule. You either sleep alot or less. Both ways it is harmful. Average normal adult sleeps 6–9 hours. If your sleep time is above or below normal, you should listen to what your body says.

Decreased productivity:

People with chronic stress usually have decreased productivity. They tend to forget things, are unfocused and panic in some situations.With decreasing focus and creativity their overall productivity decreases which inturn causes more stress and panic. Give your self and your body some time and try to understand that no human can be hundered percent productive and perfect.

Eating disorders:

If you eat alot or eat very less, this is an alarming situation. Feeling hungry is a sign of good metabolism. If you dont feel the hunger this is when you should start notice what is going on. If you feel hungry frequently and find yourself eating alot more than usual this is also something you should worry about. Learn about your body, your metabolism and how much your body requires. If you take less or more than your requirement you need to focus on your mental health.

Developing other mental health problems:

Stress is a pivotal reason for literally all the illnesses.With chronic stress you can experience anxiety, depression, panic attacks and even sleep paralysis can be due to stress. You can have PTSD and other stress related problems. And if left untreated it can hinder with your mental health and physical being.

Changes in social behaviour:

Being socially disconnected especially if you were not like this before or being too much paranoid of the situations where you have to interact with others can be a sign of chronic stress. Being emotionally distant is also a sign. Another way it can be put in is that you avoid situations or conversations which you think can go wrong. It is because you stress that something might go wrong or you generally stress due to the fact that previously it caused a stressful situation. Know what your trigger points are, this will help you to know what to deal.

Emotionally disturbed:

When you feel emotionally distant, feeling of numbness, chronic stress could be the reason. There is sudden outburst of emotion or no emotion at all. You are unavailable emotionally to people because it makes you feel ‘stressful’. Overeacting, crying more often and other emotional changes you notice can be because you have chronic stress.

Chronic stress can be improved by certain habbits, changes in lifestyle, understanding and giving yourself time. Knowing the potential triggers and cause of this ailment is a major step in curing it.

You can also check out websites and forums about mental health issues such as :


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