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8 Spectacular Natural Wonders In Ontario That You Can Only See In The Winter

It’s amazing how much a drop in temperature can change the landscape. Ontario becomes a whole new world during the colder season, and if you’re lucky, you might even see some of the province’s breathtaking winter phenomena.

From glistening ice caves to colourful pillars of light, these natural wonders can only be seen when it’s cold outside, so keep an eye out!

Ice Pancakes

About: No, this isn’t something you’d eat for breakfast. According to The Weather Network, ice pancakes, also known as ice pans, can be found on bodies of water as they start to freeze over. The flowing water causes small frozen clusters to move around and bump into one another, creating raised and slushy edges.

Ice Formations At The Bruce Peninsula 

About: The Bruce Peninsula National Park transforms into a whole new world every winter, and it’s nothing short of magical. Giant towers of ice formed by wind and waves line the shores, and everything glistens with a coating of snow.

Ice Caves

About: If you take a trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park during the colder months, you might be lucky enough to see some majestic ice caves. These glistening caverns were ranked as one of the top places to visit in the world in 2019 by New York Times.

Diamond Dust

About: This phenomenon looks as magical as it sounds. According to WorldAtlas, small ice crystals are created by water vapour in the air, and it looks almost like a twinkling fog.

Light Pillars

About: While these strange beams of light may look like an alien invasion, they’re actually caused by ice crystals close to the ground that are reflecting light into the sky, according to Global News.

Ice Fog

About: According to Nature Canada, this twinkly fog is formed in freezing temperatures and is comprised of tiny ice crystals. The sparkling mist hangs in the air, creating a gorgeous, frosty landscape.

Sun Dog

About: This rare effect happens when the sun beams pass through ice crystals in the atmosphere that refract the light. The result is a colourful bracket that hangs in the air.

Frozen Waterfalls

About: If the temperature drops enough, Ontario’s beautiful waterfalls turn into enchanting pillars of ice. These frozen wonders are beautiful to visit, and Niagara Falls looks especially magical as it gleams with ice.

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