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9 Tips to Boost Your Memory and Brain Health! | by Theholisticliving | Oct, 2021

Memory depends on a lot of factors including genetics and environment. Having a weak memory can interfere with daily tasks and might get frustrating after a point of time. Some neurological conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s or Amnesia can affect memory however, this is not always the case.

Here are a few evidence based natural ways to improve memory.

1.Restrict the intake of white sugar. Research shows that a diet high in sugar can lead to reduced brain volume and poor memory. Reducing the intake of sugar has a lot of other benefits like weight management and heart health, not just enhancing memory.

2. Omega-3 supplements. Fish oil supplements can have a positive impact on overall health. Few benefits of omega-3 supplements are reduced stress and anxiety levels, lower risk of coronary diseases, reduction in inflammation and slower mental decline. They have also proven to improve memory. A vegetarian source of omega-3 is walnuts.

3. Meditate. Other than relaxation and soothing, meditation has shown to reduce stress, anxiety, blood pressure and memory enhancement. It has also been shown to increase grey matter in the brain. This grey matter is responsible for formation of neural connections, that is new memories. With ageing, grey matter declines which can affect memory and cognition.

4. Maintain a healthy weight. Weight management has an overall positive impact on the body. Studies have shown that obesity is also a risk factor for poor memory and cognitive decline. It also leads to insulin resistance and inflammation which can impact the formation of memories in the brain. Obesity has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease also. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can ensure a healthy weight.

5. Proper rest and sleep. Lack of proper sleep has shown to be associated with perpetually poor memory. Sleep deprived people tend to have poorer memory. A person is likely to perform better and work more efficiently if they are well rested rather than sleep deprived.

6. Restrict the amount of alcohol. Too much of alcohol has a lot of negative effects on the health, one of which is cognitive decline. It can result in altering the brain, and memory deficits. Alcohol is shown to directly impact the hippocampus, which is responsible for formation of memories.

7. Exercise your brain. Brain games, puzzles, Sudoku, and crosswords can be a good way to exercise cognitive skills. Brain training games can help reduce the risk of memory loss in older adults.

8. Get your vitamin D levels tested, and increase its consumption. Low levels of vitamin D has been linked to a reduction in formation of memories and overall cognitive function. Vitamin D deficiency can be tested with a blood test. Speak to a doctor before you start your vitamin D supplements.

9. Consume super foods. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods have shown to improve memory. Berries, particularly high in flavonoids, can be an excellent way to prevent memory loss. Other sources of antioxidants which can help lower inflammation in the body are fresh fruits, vegetables, and natural teas.

Following these steps have a very positive impact on brain health in the long run. This should be made a part of the lifestyle. There is no extra effort required if one makes it a habit to ensure a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. A lot of diseases which are not associated with memory in the brain can also be prevented by following the above-mentioned steps.

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