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9 Top Skin Allergy Tests to Improve Skin Health and Appearance | by Aldencantrell | Nov, 2021


Every day, our skin encounters everything and anything in our environment. As a result, the skin may react to allergens and irritants. From time to time, we discover changes in our skin, how it looks and feels. If the feel and look of your skin aren’t as usual, i.e., your skin is giving you some weird signals, you should consider taking a skin allergy test.

Allergies are reactions to certain substances, a.k.a. allergens, either ingested, applied topically, or from the environment. Some people may develop allergies to allergens they have been exposed to over a long period. In some cases, you may react immediately to a known or unknown allergen. It can be challenging to diagnose the cause of an allergy on your own. Testing for skin allergies can identify the offending substance and help prevent complications such as allergic contact dermatitis.

Allergy tests can help identify the exact cause of the reaction, confirm allergy symptoms, and the best way to get it treated. Our dermatologist can map out your skin allergy reaction profile by exposing your skin to a list of potential allergens. Our doctor can educate you on allergen-avoidance once the offending allergen is known.

With repeated exposure to an allergen over a long time, the immune system is strengthened, resulting in an unpleasant, chronic rash. Some of the top allergens in North America are Neomycin, Fragrance mix, Nickel, Preservatives, Dyes, and latex. A patch test can help to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis and determine the treatment course.

Having an Alopecia test done will help determine the type of treatment, skin allergy symptoms and guide you on your way to better skin health and appearance. Treatments for Alopecia include finasteride, topical minoxidil, and spironolactone, among others

Atopic dermatitis, however, commonly appears on the cheeks of infants and the flexures (inner elbows and behind the knees) of children and adults. It requires long-term maintenance therapy, short-term treatment, and proactive management. Fast detection is vital and is possible with the Atopic dermatitis test.

Dermatitis, also commonly referred to as eczema, is an uncomfortable rash that could become infected by bacteria or viruses, leaving you susceptible to severe complications such as impetigo.

It can be pretty tricky to determine which infection you have with the wide variety of fungal pathogens and their effects on your skin. Treating skin conditions starts with knowing what disease you have and booking an appointment. This fungal treatment is possible with an allergy skin test. Nip that fungal infection in the bud and be comfortable once again in your skin

Some allergies will resolve themselves after a short period without exposure to allergens. Still, in severe cases, medications or medical procedures may also be required. Allergies remain one of the most common health issues.

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