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A Boys sexual organ is external and without a doubt erects often in their youth. | by Alexis | Jan, 2022

A Boys sexual organ is external and without a doubt erects often in their youth. A Girls sexual organ is hidden and thought not to arouse easily. Where boys think of sex and get an erection it’s thought woman need touch and romance.

So in essence boys were born to masturbate because they cannot help or control getting an erection and need to release it through ejaculation and woman were not.

There has been without a doubt a double standard. Boys are high fived for their sexual accomplishments and girls are often shamed. Most woman were taught masturbation is wrong, nudity is dirty, and sleeping around makes you a whore.

This same belief system led to the idea that men were not born for monogamy and woman were.

All bullshit!

Would it actually surprise you to know that studies have actually revealed that a woman’s sexual arousal for the same person diminishes gradually over time and men’s remains the same.

In addition, studies reveal that a heterosexual female gets aroused by both men and woman. That’s right, Woman get just as equally aroused by watching porn with two women as they do watching porn with interactions between a man and a woman. In contrary, heterosexual men do not get aroused watching interaction between two men. Woman are born bisexual. A woman’s preference for gender in a relationship goes way beyond what arouses them sexually.

I am of the belief woman are far more sexual beings then men. We are just taught to suppress; therefore, a lot of woman don’t explore their bodies or release their sexual energy.

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