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A chance to go back. Time flies; you won’t notice that… | by Xynthia; | Jun, 2024

Time flies; you won’t notice that you’re changing by the second.

Just then you were being woken up by your mom because you’re going to be late for the first day of elementary school, and now she’s waking you up because you’re going to be late for your high school graduation.

You don’t really know that you’re growing up; you’ll just see people going in and out of your life. You’ll see people giving birth and people giving their last breath. Looking around and wondering if you had done enough.

Because what if you didn’t do enough in your childhood days? But just know that you did. You were a child trying to have fun; you weren’t a child that was given a goal to make it happy; you were a child that was given a chance to enjoy and just live before everything gets serious.

Sometimes I see things and think that if I were given a chance to go back, I wouldn’t change anything, not even the down parts of them. I’ll just go back and feel it again — feel the freedom and fun, smell the grass, and hear my friends calling out my name to play. Even for just one day, I would want to feel it again.

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