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A moment of happiness !. After a long stint or suffering from… | by Lost Soul | Sep, 2021

A moment of happiness !

After a long stint of suffering from stress and demotivation, I decided to focus on my mental health and took steps to address what might be some deep rooted problems. While I have only now begun to work on myself, today after a session with my counselor, I felt a sense of calm and decided to go back to my long ignored hobby of gardening. I had not felt like doing anything with my plants for the longest time, ever since I picked it up as a hobby (which had soon turned into my passion). With some energy today, I looked at plants in my balcony. I started with some tiny cuttings that I had propagated long back and was happily surprised to see how they had thrived. My tomato plant had two small flowers, an indication that I might someday get to enjoy home grown tomatoes, my aloe vera plant had produced a flower for the first time in 4 years, and the peperomia leaf cutting that I had taken from the plant that died, had produced roots with multiple tiny leaves on its edges. All of this brought about that feeling of happiness which I had longed for, for so many days now. I feel better for now, also a bit afraid as I think about loosing this feeling and going back to being miserable. But for now, it feels good and I will take that 🙂

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