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Dr Leah Totton stepped into the spotlight a decade ago when she won UK TV show The Apprentice – ​a competition for prospective entrepreneurs ​and then went on to open a chain of cosmetic clinics in 2014 in partnership with the show’s protagonist, businessman Baron Alan Sugar.  

After opening the clinics in London and Essex, the Northern Irish dermatologist and cosmetic doctor also wanted to develop a skin care range, which ended up taking seven years in the making.  

“My argument was if we’re not going to do something better than what was already out there, then why spend the money to do it at all,”​ said Totton.

“I wanted to take some of the qualities I liked in each of the different products that I was using and try and pull them together into one product,”​ she explained. “But it was a lot more difficult than I thought it was going to be.”

Totton set about developing the range with a focus on ‘wearbility’. She shared that her own Celtic skin type could be easily reactive to seasons and substances such as fragrance.

“I think as an industry we should be moving away from fragrance in our products, as we know that are harmful and dehydrates and on the skin barrier,” ​she said.  

A curated, dose-dependent range

According to Totton, the non-comedogenic range can be used on any skin type and is dose dependant, to give an element of personalisation based on the user’s skin’s specific needs.

Customers need to fill in an online questionnaire about a multitude of factors, including the season, skin type or skin conditions, and products or treatments they are already using – such as steroid creams or retinol creams – and are given a dose based on that.

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