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‘A scary thing to see’ – Dad says as a mom battles for her life against COVID-19

ROANOKE, Va. (WFXR) – A Roanoke mother is fighting for her life as she battles COVID-19. Jessica Gray, 33, was admitted into the hospital on Sept. 1 after testing positive for coronavirus.

“It’s scary to think ‘oh my god she could die’,” said Matt Suprenant of Roanoke. “I didn’t recognize her when I went to see her. Skin is hanging off of her bones. She doesn’t look like herself. It’s a scary thing to see.”

Suprenant and Gray have a 4-year-old daughter together. He says Gray is a gorgeous woman and a great mother to their daughter.

“She developed double pneumonia. She started getting holes in her lungs. Then eventually had to intubate her and we started panicking about then,” Suprenant said. “When she got intubated and I had to have those thoughts, I got emotional. I could not imagine my little girl growing up without having her mom.”

Suprenant says Gray has several underlying health conditions and does not drive and days before testing positive for COVID-19 she had contacted him about getting vaccinated.

“She called me and said ‘Hey, I’m going to get the vaccine.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay great! When are you going to get it?’ She goes, ‘Well, whenever you’re off this job. I want you to come pick me up and we’ll just go to the CVS and get it’,” Suprenant said.

Matt, a 16-year Army veteran who works as a combat medic, says all three of them tested positive for coronavirus, but Jessica was the only one who required hospitalization.

“It’s tough, especially having a little girl who asks about mommy. Where’s mommy, what’s going on with this,” Suprenant said.

Matt has been their daughter’s full-time caretaker since Jessica was admitted into the hospital. While he enjoys the time with his 5-year-old, he wishes things were different.

“I can’t begin to stress to people just how unnecessary this all was. It could have been prevented,” Suprenant said. “I really wish she would have gotten it in time.”

Suprenant says after being on a ventilator for about a month, Jessica is now no longer intubated. He also adds that she’s regaining some of her cognitive functions.

If you would like to provide financial relief for Jessica Gray, a donation account has been created.

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