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A walk through Hanningfield reservoir by Daisy Cousins

The amazing Hanningfield reservoir is alive with wildlife and full of captivating scenery, making this nature reserve a great way to escape from the hectic life around us.This walk is a great way to relieve stress due to it’s peaceful atmoshere amongst nature!

The walk,which offers a fantastic perspective of Essex,includes something for everyone:For parents looking to take their children,you will find the exciting Wind in the Willows sculpture trail which consists of extraordinarly crafted wooden sculptures of popular characters from the classic childrens book; for nature lovers, the Hanningfield reservoir offers a thriving range of fungi to view while walking through and includes multiple bird hides to fully immerse yourself in the soothing surroundings and view the wonderous birds; for those interested in fishing, boat and bank anglers are welcome to fish with the nature reserve offering the oppurtunity of catching a fish up to 10lbs and over; of course there is also a cafe and host of refreshments offered!

Hanningfield reservoir stays beautiful all year round,with changing seasons introducing a unique range of new nature:Summer welcomes a spectacle of Swallows, Martins and Swifts who are a delight for summer visitors and spring flowers include Bluebells and Stitchwort.

This tranquil walk offers the perfect escape from the commotion which lies beyond the reservoir and truly appreciate the amazing range of nature we live amongst.

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