Adonis in Wonderland. I had never seen something so… | by Asantewaa Boykin | Sep, 2021

Adonis in Wonderland

I had never seen something so beautiful. Every scruffy nap in his beard looked meticulously placed. I could’ve spent the rest of my days counting each dark black coil. We exchanged ideas for all of 30 minutes and even at that moment, I couldn’t recall all that we explored. I do remember the catalyst topic was “R.Kelly”, so I imagine the conversation was fervent. The only thing I heard was his Elekes colliding with each other against the Brooklyn summer breeze and his hands occasionally percussing for dramatic effect. I kept wondering, “Why me?”, “Why is this man flirting with me?” I was standing next to a thin redbone with legs for days and two cinnamon-colored sisters with slim thick builds and full lips. But he kept his eyes and most importantly his attention on me. “He must be a chubby chaser,” I said to myself while flawlessly appearing to not be on the brink of throwing up the last two rounds of whiskey he gifted us.

This had been our third bar for the night and we only had one more day in Brooklyn so we were making every moment count before we headed back to Cali. One of the cinnamon-colored sisters shot me a look worse than a thousand cuts. Before the brotha made his selection obvious we had been collectively sizing him up. He kept looking in our direction while whatever he was sipping somehow created solar flares in his eyes. Our eyes would occasionally meet and he never looked away, which was strange to me, “Maybe it was a New York thing?”

Once our conversation ended and my friends had grown tired of bitterly watching us flirt. He asked how much longer we would be in town. It was like being catapulted back to earth from a faraway paradise. This was not a wonderland, I was not Alice and I surely didn’t want to go home.o Cali or our tiny Airbnb. I wanted to submerge his head in my ocean of wetness and wait for him to beg for air. Just so I could kindly decline his pleading and then wait for him to assert his demands. “Excuse me”, I said, tip-toeing my way to the bathroom and discovered that the wetness had left “Wonderland” and found it was in my boy’s short panties.

We slowly hugged, exchanged numbers, and showed appreciation for having crossed each other’s paths. I watched him float away on his skateboard Dishaki and Elekes floating in the wind. I had never seen something so beautiful.

The next morning I asked my redbone friend if the almond-toned skating boarding Adonis was real, she confirmed. After emptying the remainder of my stomach contents into the toilet while dodging looks of annoyance from one of the cinnamon twins. I noticed a “Good Morning” text glaring near the toilet bowl base. It was my husband. I picked up the phone and replied. “Good morning my love, how are you ?”

Dedicated to Tashaka Moore

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