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MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute (MVRCCRI) was founded to deliver cutting-edge cancer treatment at an accessible price. MVRCCRI is a project of the Cancer and Allied Ailments Research (CARE) Society, a non-profit organization established in 2011 by the Calicut City Service Co-operative Bank.

This tobacco-free, environmentally friendly facility spans over 6 lakh sq ft in a 17-acre green campus with 30 departments devoted to holistic cancer care. Its goal is to be a worldwide leader in cancer treatment and research. The aim is to continuously provide cancer care while setting new industry norms and quality benchmarks. Its value is to give non-discriminatory treatment with a “Human Touch.”

Shri C N Vijayakrishnan, the Chairman of the Hospital, believes that every individual, no matter who they really are, ought to battle for their existence whenever faced with cancer. The ambition of delivering world-class health clinics to his loving people is profit-driven to the nth degree. The company’s administration, as well as its cherished members, campaigners, and account holders, have provided unwavering support for events and pilot programs.

MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge cancer care and striving for excellence via the application of quality requirements in caring, ethical treatment. We value clear communication, collaboration, and cooperation. MVR is dedicated to continuously improving the quality of our services through up-grading, as well as constantly reviewing its achievement for advancement through encouragement and mentoring, in order to provide quality care and quality care while complying with global health standards.

You can contact at (+91) 495 2289500–580

For appointments call on: (+91) 495 2289500,2289505,7199525

For emergency contact on: (+91) 495 2289531

The goal, according to C N Vijayakrishnan, chairman of MVR Cancer Centre, is to offer individuals the finest therapy possible for all forms of cancer so that they do not need to go anyplace else for advanced care.

ü Medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and nuclear medicine are the four main branches.

ü PET/CT/Ultrasound scanners, as well as LINACs, are state-of-the-art equipment (linear accelerator with accurate measurement of dose delivery)

ü For reliable breast cancer detection, use computerized radiography with tomosynthesis.

ü 12 Units of Bone Marrow Transplantation

ü The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, under the Ministry of Science, has designated us as a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO).

ü To ensure the most modern cancer therapies, the hospital uses molecular testing. The hospital has partnered with foreign research institutes to embrace the newest advances, in addition to having a staff of the greatest research brains in the country. The hospital also has some unique projects, such as a study into the idea of adding Ayurveda into the treatment regimen.

ü Research by MVR:

ü Review the development of scientific and clinical studies on a regular basis.

ü Set research goals, priorities, and thrust areas.

ü Proposals for cooperation between MVRCCRI and other national or international institutions should be suggested and reviewed.

ü Examine the viability of funded research ideas.

ü Coordinate the work of MVRCCRI’s research and ethical committees.

ü Examine the costs and revenues associated with hospital care, laboratory services, and administrative tasks for investigator-initiated and supported research at MVRCCRI.

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