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American Truck Simulator is heading to Montana

American Truck Simulator has already added 8 stately expansions, and already has a 9th – Texas – announced. Not content, SCS Software have also announced a 10th, Montana.

The developers revealed the first screenshots of the state over on their blog.

“Montana is untamed, wild, and natural,” reads the post. “No matter where you look, you’ll find unspoiled nature, charming small towns, and spectacular views. Explore National Parks, then hit the road to discover more natural wonders. You can drive through rugged mountain roads, pass by crystal clear lakes, or spend your day exploring the historic town and cities.”

American Truck Simulator has been making its way across the United States beginning from the west coast. It’s snaked down through Arizon and New Mexico with previous DLCs, and Montana will fill another chunk to the north. I am literally referring to this hideous map on Etsy in order to write this sentence.

Texas was announced as a DLC back in March, but Montana appeals to me more. I play American Truck Simulator – when I play it, and it’s been a while – to relax, and Montana’s dense forests and sprawling mountains feel like better window viewing than Texas’s flat, dusty plains. Your mileage may vary – probably literally, since I’m also a terrible virtual truck driver.

There’s no release date for Texas or Wyoming yet, but you can wishlist Wyoming via Steam. There’s also a video of some of its work-in-progress scenery to watch there.

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