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Are We Teaching Kids To Be Angry? | by Psychology Records | Jan, 2024

Parents are old to teach their kids, especially boys, that it’s okay to openly express emotions such as sadness and pain.

But what about anger? Everyone gets angry, but how do we teach kids to deal with this anger, and express themselves in healthy ways?

Whether it’s your neighbor’s dog, screaming kids, or that controversial post you saw on X, there are plenty of things that irritate us. In fact, there are plenty of things that make us downright angry.

How do you usually express this anger? Do you scream? Cry? Imagine the demise of your enemies?

Some anger can be good, as it helps us make positive changes in our lives and the world. Martin Luther King Jr. claimed to channel his anger into positive change, and we have anger to thank for the AIDS movement.

But most of the time, our anger can be unhelpful and destructive.

Most of our ways of dealing with anger come from our culture. While some cultures may encourage open expression of emotions, others may emphasize restraint.

In some collectivist societies, there is a greater emphasis on maintaining harmony within the community, so openly expressing anger is seen as disruptive. On the other hand, some cultures encourage individual expression and consider anger a natural response.

We learn these responses through socialisation by learning the norms, values and behaviours of those around us. Parenting styles, school environments and peer influence all contribute to a kid’s understanding of anger. That’s not even mentioning the role of the media, religion and extended family.

Inuit cultures provide a fascinating perspective on the psychology of anger and discipline. Instead of resorting to shouting or punishments, Inuit communities…

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