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Autumn brings out the very best of Xincun

Autumn brings out the very best of Xincun

Ti Gong

All kinds of fragrances exclusive to this harvest season – ripe fruits, piles of leaves, the light aroma of rice in the air, seasonal food being cooked on the stove, a slowly burning campfire… Hundreds of tents and groups of blue motorcades all indicate the most romantic thing is to meet you in Xincun Township this autumn, which is most suitable for camping!

The township is accessible by highway. Osmanthus planted on both sides of the footpath is in full bloom, emanating sweet perfume.

Xincun, or literally “new village” in Chinese, is on the northwestern tip of Chongming Island. Two hours from downtown Shanghai, Xincun has developed rapidly.

In the past two years, it created two national AAA tourist destinations and a habitat that is home to four elks – a national first-class protected animal that marks the improving ecology and coexistence between humans and nature.

At the same time, 200 hectares of high-quality rice paddies created at least 100,000 yuan (US$15,660) every year for each of the 70 local families.

Industry and agriculture plus tourism have helped a local kitchen-appliance manufacturer achieve more than 50 million yuan in revenue this year, enabling the foreign trade OEM enterprise with more than 1,200 employees to glow with the charming vitality of development again.

One of the latest trends when traveling to the township is to buy a wok from the company to cook rice growing here.

Chia Tai Group’s chicken farm with 3 million laying hens has been officially put into operation. The first batch of eggs was put on shelves before the past National Day holiday. It is forecast that 800 million safe and delicious eggs will be supplied to the Shanghai market every year.

A high-end homestay that opened prior to National Day reported no spare rooms during the holiday despite high prices.

Last weekend, Xincun celebrated this year’s harvest. The remote township is building an idyllic complex featuring the “synchronization of production, life and ecology” and a “trinity” of agriculture, culture and tourism.

Industry experts contributed their thoughts about the future development pattern and opportunities in Xincun from their experiences in travel services, wildlife protection and youth growth camps.

A Saturday activity also marked the debut of the first “Rice Paddy-Starry Sky” Tent Festival, which dazzled campers with green horizons, ripe rice and a slow-paced life.

It is Xincun’s mission to become a practical demonstration zone for Shanghai’s rural vitalization campaign.

The township authority is adhering to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, giving more importance to promoting the common prosperity of the people and improving the level of rural construction.

Xincun will continuously improve the overall economy as the developmental driving force, and forge its soft-power characteristics.

It will strive to form a reasonable spatial layout and multifunctional new pattern of urban and rural development in which industries are integrated, infrastructure is improved, rural scenery is pleasant, public services are sound, grass-roots governance is orderly and farmers live a rich life.

During the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), Xincun will accelerate its industrial transformation.

It will fully promote the transformation and upgrading of industries, and accelerate the formation of a new industrial system featuring rice culture and industry and tourism as well as advanced manufacturing.

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