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Balancing Act: Conquering Anxiety and Paranoia with the ‘Two Ends of the Stick’ Approach | by Navigating Self Improvement In The Digital Age | Dec, 2023

I want to share an exercise I learnt recently that may just completely abolish your anxiety and re shift your perspective.

It’s called the ‘Two Ends of the Stick’ exercise and I promise it will only take you 5 minutes.

The theory is that life is a ‘whole’ stick, and when you hold two ends of the stick or situation in your hand, then nothing in between can disturb you.

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The first thing you should do is describe the worst-case scenario in great detail.

So, the worst case scenario for me when posting Medium articles is that I never gain any followers, accidentally post something that gets me totally cancelled, humiliate my friends and family, lose my day job and cant pay my mortgage causing me to lose my house.

You get the picture.

The Best case scenario…?

I get hundreds of thousands of Medium followers, all of my articles do really well and I earn $100,000 a month from commissions…

I can quit my day job, the bank will call me and ask me if my payments coming into my account are legitimate because I am earning so much and they have never seen anyone become an overnight billionaire so quickly and my career was a total success.

It’s fun to be slightly delusional with this.

So that’s the best case scenario in a nutshell.

The truth will be somewhere in between those two things.

That’s why they say life is a ‘whole stick’ and when you hold the two ends of the stick in your hands nothing in between can disturb you.

I hope you enjoy this exercise, it certainly gave me a fresh perspective on my anxieties and shifted my perspective.

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