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Beating Social Isolation: Lesson 1 of Shining! | by Mahima Sharma | Nov, 2021

Social Isolation Art Lookalike

When it comes to a healthy tête-à-tête of anything, we might first learn about it. After all the beginning is the key to moving rightly. So the question “What is social isolation?” has many answers locked within.

In simple words, it means “degree of social disconnection”. It somehow leads to the second not-so-common stage of loneliness. In other words, Blocking everything and everyone out from entering or seeing your space is social isolation. The word social works for integration, support and cohensian. To understand it more deeply, consider it as oxygen in our blood vessels, where blood vessels act for happiness, love and emotions we need in our life. When blocked from our life, it can lead to co-morbidity.

The 2020 Cigna survey found that 79 percent of Generation Z and 71 percent of millennials are lonely versus 50 percent of boomers. With the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and the associated recommendations regarding sheltering in place, self-isolation, and social distancing, these consequences may be more salient.

Serious Hook Of Questionnare

We have already got the idea or basis of social isolation. Now I have some questions for you. For each Yes, give yourself 2 Points and for No, count it 0.

1] Has there been any point of time when you were acted hyper from usual?

2] Has there been any point when you slept late and less than usual?

3] Were you feeling more irritated to the shorted utterly non-sense things around you?

4] Was there a period of time,when you needed someone most but you didn’t call for help?

5] You have lost interest for something in few days and you got distracted easily. Do this happen frequently?

6] Was there any period of time when you overthinked than usual which caused you lack of sleep or less hunger?

7] Do you feel people around you are stupid and foolish so you started distancing from them?

8] Have you been at home all day on weekends?

9] Was there any period of time when you shouted n your co-workers, family, anyone with no reason?

Assesment Time! With less than 6 score, you just need to get around some people again and get social with your friends and family again.

With score 8–12, this might be little bit serious for your health. We will talk about it on our next para.

And for score more than 12, ALERT FOR MENTAL HEALTH. You are having anxiety and stress burst due to excessive social isolation.

Social Isolation Care Plan

Once, the problems are detected now there are some points where social isolation could be treated at lower stages. Again, this article is just a brief for proper awareness of social isolation with few helpful tips for those who scored between 0–12. For people, more than 12, you have to get some professional help.

1] Proper diet can help you gain some good dopamine and lessen the amounts of Cortisol, the stress hormone. Ofcourse, stress and anxiety plays an important role here. With intake of nutritious food, one might lower their stress and blahs!

2] NO DAY Must Be Without Exercise. The best form of stress burster and keep oneself engaged is YOGA. Other forms of exercises like pilates, cardio, boxing, running, cycling, MMA can help. But Yoga is the best stress burster for one’s mental health.

3] Forget the past. Everything worst comes from our decisions on the basis of our past. Don’t let your past thoughts and activities affect you. Whatever happened, don’t remind yourself again those itchy memories.

4] Mediate Daily. From my pervious articles, I have make sure that you could mediate daily. And if you are not so awared on it, then read it here.

5] Move up to your nearest coffee shop and make sure you are not alone. If you have no friends around your locality, then go to the busiest time of the shop so you may ask a seat for.

6]Make sure you are reading and writing your thoughts because it helps to reflect yourself in the mirror. Before moving on to the next page, read the last one again and ask yourself whether you feel the same today!

7] Plants are an ease of comfort. From muddly hands to caring water flows, you need some seeds and soil. Get yourself in planting and nurturing them. The seeds turned to flowers from your love and care will definitely hit u different.

8] Make a feast and call your neighbour for dinner or lunch. Food is the secret of any conversation and making good friends. Meanwhile, it will teach you some tricks of cooking too.

9] Don’t push yourself into any relationship if you are single until and unless you are good to go.

I wish this could help a little bit. Meanwhile, if i figured out more stupid tricks, your eyes will definitely be rolling up. Thanks for your excited eyes on my article.


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