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Beauty trends 2022 EMEA region include skin health, menopause and refills says CosmeticsDesign-Europe

2022 beauty trends to watch across EMEA

After a year of adaptation pathed out by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 should see industry turn a corner and begin to truly fulfil many of the new beauty needs laid out by such a tumultuous 18-months.

So, what exactly will take the spotlight in 2022? CosmeticsDesign-Europe believes there will be five key trends to watch in the year ahead:

. Skin 2.0

. Inside-Out Beauty

. Menopause Beauty

. Experience-First

. Refill Revolution

1. Skin 2.0 – a ‘skin beyond skin’ movement

CosmeticsDesign-Europe Trend 1 - Skin 2.0 [Getty Images]

CosmeticsDesign-Europe Trend 1 – Skin 2.0 [Getty Images]

During COVID-19, more time spent at home and extended periods of stress saw consumers look more closely at skin care and skin health, with bath and body rituals soaring and the skin care category booming​.

In 2022, this skin focus will become even sharper, but also broader, to encompass all parts of the body, including scalp care, oral care, underarm care and fem care. Why? Because consumers now have a heightened awareness and understanding around the importance of total body care, wellbeing and self-care from head to toe.

There has already been plenty of innovation in this space, with French microbiome brand Gallinée expanding its portfolio to include oral care tablets​; beverage major Vita Coco edging into scalp care with a scrub​; and Dutch startup Nuud launching an innovative cream format in deodorants​, and big beauty and personal care brands have plenty to offer in this space. Moving forward, they will be able to leverage the depth and breadth of portfolios that cover all these segments to offer consumers all-round ‘skin beyond skin’ rituals and routines.

The key for success in this space will be simplicity and efficacy.

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