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Being brought up in toxic environment made me a better person | by Kqcdw | Oct, 2021


Often times kids are brought up by incompetent and entitled parents who give their children permanent emotional damage.

I grew up in a fairly middle class family in southern part of Asia. My father was the only source of income for the whole family meanwhile our mum used to take care of us. Both my parents grew up in a very poor households thanks to colonialism. Growing up our house had constant arguments every nights, usually father getting angry over the tiniest things. This made every night (since he only comes to home drunk after 7 or 8 everyday) unpleasant to say the least.

This constant berating back on forth affected me deeply and made me very self conscious at a young age. This is when i promised myself to be a better person than my dad. To be a human being who cares for others. The cycle never stopped even after twenty years.

To the few people reading this; remind yourself to be better to others especially to your kids. Make a better environment for them than what you experienced.

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