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Beneath Independence: A Cry for Support | by IDA | Jun, 2024

Have you ever heard of the phrase “you’re so independent at a young age”? The compliment is like a badge of honor. The word applauds your self-sufficiency, and you bask in the glow of people’s admiration. It’s all fun and games, isn’t it? The thrill of knowing you stand tall on your own feet, unassisted, against the turbulence of life.

But reality? Reality always slaps you in the face. It is exhausting.

There are days when the weight of the world feels like a brick on your shoulders, you yearn to collapse, and you wish the earth would open and swallow you whole. The simple act of reaching out, whispering for help, admitting that you need someone to hold to. Feels like admitting defeat. And the guilt-oh, the guilt, like a shadow that creeps you everywhere.

Independence, you once wore it like a badge of honor, has diminished. The pride that you once carried weighs you down. You wear your strength like armor, but underneath, your soul is bruised, and damaged, longing for a breather and someone to share the weight.

Have you ever felt it? The silent plead of wanting to be held and unspoken desire for someone to say, “It’s okay to lean on me”, “I’m here to share the load with you.” Your heart whispers it in the quiet moments, but your lips remain sealed. The fear of appearing weak consumes you. Yet, in truth, deep down, you know there is no shame in seeking help.

Perhaps one day, you will wish for someone to see beyond your independence and recognize the vulnerable side of you that is striving to find the strength to let go of guilt and allow yourself to be human — to stumble, fall, and rise again with their support.

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