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Best Five Places to See Flagstaff’s Fall Colors

And as always, please stay and play responsibility in our mountain town.

As summer draws to an end and the fall months begin to emerge, Flagstaff’s LEAF-ometer answers the question asked time and again: What color are the fall leaves? To experience the season at its most exhilarating, use the Discover Flagstaff LEAF-ometer to find the best places to see fall colors and catch the changing foliage on the trails and around town.

Flagstaff is a leaf-peeper’s paradise often hailed as Arizona’s capital of autumn with warming fall colors descending from the San Francisco Peaks to the streets of Flagstaff. Frequently, there is a vague perception of when the leaves will reach their peak, so the Flagstaff LEAF-ometer is a great resource for those hoping to observe the transitioning colors. This online resource is available at and provides an idea in real-time of what stage of color alteration to expect leaves when traveling to varying areas of the city.

Flagstaff offers many opportunities to explore and witness the alluring golden, brown, red and orange autumn colors.

Best five places to see Flagstaff’s fall colors:

Arizona Snowbowl is well known as a skiing and snowboarding winter wonderland. However, every summer and autumn, nature lovers can take to the skies on the Scenic Gondola. As you soar over the mountains, you enjoy the glories of autumn’s crisp ambers, with a spectacular view of the mixed fir and aspen tree canopy below, including a view of the Grand Canyon.

The Arboretum at Flagstaff is an oasis of high-altitude native plants, and as autumn draws near, the trees transform into golden pieces of art. The Arboretum is the perfect place for a picnic and family getaway.

Historic downtown Flagstaff offers dining, shopping and nightlife, and just off historic Route 66, the downtown area is the perfect stop on anyone’s autumn road trip. The vibrant fall colors of green, red and yellow leaves sprinkle the tree-lined streets of downtown transforming it into the autumn season. Also, enjoy the Northern Arizona University campus for cool colors and a fun football game or other university activity.

Perfect for hiking, the inner basin trail on the majestic San Francisco Peaks is a crisp cool adventure. Golden hues invade the basin during the fall as large stands of aspen trees transform and steal the show with their quaking leaves glowing like liquid sunshine.

As part of the beautiful Coconino National Forest, Oak Creek Canyon is a nature-lover’s paradise. With a multitude of plants that change color during the autumn season, Oak Creek Canyon transforms into the perfect fall picture. Full of radiant oranges, glowing yellows and alluring reds, the Oak Creek Canyon is impeccable for hiking with the family or that romantic autumn drive, located along Hwy 89A between Sedona and Flagstaff.

Use the Discover Flagstaff LEAF-ometer to catch Flagstaff’s fall colors with a leaf-viewing visit and experience cool temperatures, amazing scenery and outdoor adventure!

Fall for Flagstaff Local: My Actions Matter

Fall for Flagstaff Local, a community movement encouraging and celebrating residents that choose to Shop Local, Volunteer, Be Eco-Friendly, Donate, Support Education, Mentor and Vote. By taking part in the Flagstaff Local movement, you are connecting what you love about Flagstaff and living here, with your everyday actions.

Take the Pledge

Go to and scroll to “Take the Pledge”…it’s easy! You have to be local to win, and your ID is required to pick up prizes at the Flagstaff Visitor Center.


Want to be more involved but you are not sure how? Most of us are lucky enough to have a pantry in our kitchen, but not all. The Pantry is the result of an entire community coming together to support people in need in Flagstaff. There is a small, hard-working board and thousands of volunteer hours that have made this program a reality. Volunteering is meaningful and fun. And the best thing about it is that you get to engage in areas that align with your passion! Get involved in group trash pick-ups, assist with recreation and/or events, meet new people and make a positive impact in your community. Volunteers are needed and much appreciated!

Be Eco-Friendly

Ride in style when you pick up an electric bike from Electric Bikes of Flagstaff. Electric Bikes of Flagstaff has a wide variety of quality bikes for purchase, rental and tours.

Support Education

Treat yourself! Take advantage of reasonably priced cuts and trims, mani’s, and pedi’s from dedicated, hard-working cosmetology students at Kuttz Beauty College. The building is split, half is a barbershop for men, the other is a salon for women. Kuttz will be there for you and all the family’s needs too. Check them out!


Did you know you can become a mentor? Have you ever received good advice that made a positive impact on your life? Pay it forward! Become a mentor at the Flagstaff Boys and Girls Club. Adult role models (Bigs) are matched with children aged 7-17 (Littles) and have the opportunity to mentor them in supported groups.

Shop Local

Fly locally from the Flagstaff Airport. Have you been to Texas or Colorado and wish to return, or have you never been and wish to go? In addition to Phoenix (PHX), the Flagstaff Airport has added more flights to its daily schedule to Dallas (DFW) and Denver (DEN). Don’t get grounded!


Little actions add up, just like donations! Consider donating to a non-profit, school or organization of your choice. Consider a donation to Pledge for the Wild to support non-profit Flagstaff Trails Initiative and help keep Flagstaff’s wild places special. It’s easy to donate, simply text WILD4FLAG to 44321.


Register to vote, educate yourself about the candidates and issues, cast your vote in person or by mail.

Pillars in Action

We want to show your actions really do matter by awarding prizes to Flagstaff locals. Entry is as easy as following three simple steps. Submit a photo or video of you showing how #Myactionsmatter. Then, share your post and ask your friends to vote for your entry. Done! Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

The winner of June’s My Actions Matter Take the Pledge contest was Sara LaRosa! She won a JCPenney Sephora Gift Basket from the Flagstaff Mall, a Pro Image Gift Card from the Flagstaff Mall, a gift card from the Little America Hotel and Travel Center and Nackard Pepsi Products.

Don’t forget to encourage friends, family and neighbors to take the pledge, too, like a true Flagstaff Local!

And as always, please stay and play responsibility in our mountain town. FBN

By Meg Roederer

Meg Roederer is Discover Flagstaff’s communication specialist.

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