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1: General features of Calcarea Flourica (CF)

2: Body Symptoms:

|| Mind || Head || Eyes || Ears || Nose || Face || Mouth ||

|| Throat || Stomach || Stool and Anus || Male || Respiratory Organs ||

|| Circulatory Organs || Neck and Back || Extremities || Sleep || Skin ||

|| Modalities ||

3: Doses

4: Conclusion

5: Glossary; Medical terminologies of Calcera Flourica (CF)

6: Reference books

7: Other links of bio-chemic salts.

No other remedy can be paralleled in front of Calcarea Flourica in results of treating hardness up to the level of formation of stony structure. It is the most powerful remedy of tissues when they are stricken by hardness. Moreover, stony glands, enlarged and varicose veins are markedly treated by this flouride of lime. Malnutrition of bone is another area for Calcarea Flouride where it can come down upon hard on weak bones by satiating the need and thirst of nutrition.
Sometimes, in order to understand the whole picture of a remedy, keyword(s) must be inculcate in mind appropriately, it helps in selection of medicine in the shortest period of time. Here that key of Pandora Box is ‘induration’. Next, goitre is come under the umbrella of (CF) symptoms. Here induration and hardening threatens suppuration, alternatively means chronic patient even sarcoma can be relieved through it.
Congenital hereditary syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria Treponema Pallidum. It transfers to infants which resulted in the shape of disability in child, birth defects and many times infant mortality. In fact, congenital hereditary syphilis has many symptoms, but those come under CF treatment are ulceration of mouth, and throat, caries — tooth decay, necrosis — the death of tissue due to too little blood flow in tissue, with boring pain and heat in parts, can be treated by CF.
Thickness of veins cause stiffness and restrict blood flow to organ and tissue of the body is called atherosclerosis or weakening of veins results in apoplexy. Therefore, if a patient complaints about apoplexy other medicines of homoeopathy comes in mind abruptly, but robustness of overcoming apoplexy by CF is possible when induration is found, stony glands or any organ found stony hard. CF has a tendency to reduce adhesion, it helps in after operation and also beneficial in tuberculosis.


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