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Biokovo Skywalk Now Closed to Public Until Beginning of April 2022

November the 2nd, 2021 – The wildly popular Biokovo Skywalk hasn’t long been open, but since it has been, it has become a top attraction for all those paying visits to Makarska and the surrounding Central Dalmatian areas. Though perhaps not for those who aren’t fond of heights and are prone to a bit of vertigo, the Biokovo Skywalk has definitely been a hit in this otherwise truly stunning part of the country dominated by rugged mountains and dramatic scenery.

The attraction, which is a fantastic addition to the beautiful Biokovo Nature Park (NP Biokovo) also provides spectacular panoramic views of the area, as well as what lies far beneath your feet, has now officially closed itself off from public visits until the 1st of April next year. 

As Morski writes, the much loved Biokovo Nature Park and the Biokovo Skywalk in the Ravna Vlaska area have been officially closed to visitors as of yesterday as the winter break begins. Dalmatia, while calm, hot and very stable during the warm summer months during which the vast majority of foreign visitors descend on the Croatian coast, is known for its temperamental, unpredictable and sometimes dangerous weather and conditions during autumn and winter, and this is one of the main reasons that this attraction must be closed.

The Biokovo Skywalk will once again be open and made available to visitors from April the 1st next year.

They stated from Biokovo Nature Park that access to the lookout will be protected in a technical manner, and visitors will be prevented from accessing the glass surface of the skywalk area itself. However, it will still be possible to drive along the Biokovo road towards the highest peak of all, which offers jawdropping views – Sveti Jure.

It’s worth mentioning that the recently held Days of Croatian Tourism in Zupa Dubrovacka (the Parish of Dubrovnik) the Biokovo Nature Park Public Institution won the annual “Anton Stifanic” award in the “company, institution or association” category for its exceptional contribution to tourism in 2020.

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