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Birthday Nuggets…. It is only about half an hour to… | by Oyin Ogunbekun | Jan, 2022

There comes the place of the mercy of God. Call me sentimental or religious but, pray tell, how do you go from stuck to dynamic without hell freezing over first or the trumpet sounding. Because when you’re the kind of breed I am, it really does take that for us to have a change of heart. See friends, I could only conclude at the term- Mercy. A lot of people will describe mercy as luck, some good stuff happening to you out of the blue. That isn’t what leads to true transformation.

God lifted me out of the rot, the miry clay. He put me through fire so that every excess baggage is destroyed and burnt out. Oh yes, I felt the heat and Lord, it was devastating. I almost went ahead and turned my focus to all that burning. But mercy yet again said no. I might sound like I’m speaking in parables, maybe I actually am. But I’m hoping someone connect to this.

My message as I enter into this new age, 20th of January 2022 is- Mercy is the Fire. Your deliverance, breakthrough, Nirvana, whatever you might term it as is directly proportional to “the fire”. Sometimes God has to break you to get you to your breakthrough. They that know, know. This isn’t about miracles and spectacular supernatural acts. Breakthrough is simply a genuine change of heart. A renewal of the mind. Breakthrough is saying “New year new me” andom every level it really IS “new year new me”. It is when the fire has caused you to come to yourself, broken into a million pieces yet seeing more clearly than you did in your entire life. It is coming to a clear understanding for the first time in your life. A genuine acceptance and acknowledgment that you are absolutely nothing, clueless and most importantly endangered living a life that gives no relevance to the one who called you here.

Dear ones, as I clock this new age, my one proclamation is that this mercy I speak of has found me and nothing is the same anymore. Forever and ever.

Happy birthday to me! God bless my new age and God bless my readers.

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