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Maryam Ly

The news of my cancer spread to distant friends and family. The floodgates appeared to have opened with people and their stories of how cancer affected them and their loved ones. Many have turned toward alternative therapies to control or eliminate this disease. I have been advised to try the non-exhaustive list of the following therapies.

The fear of being consumed by Cancer drives you to, pretty much, try everything and anything in an attempt to survive. I think the key is not to depend on one thing and this applies to conventional medicine too. Cancer is very much individualised in the sense that certain therapies will work for some and not others.

In my opinion, as long as alternative therapies do not contraindicate with the conventional therapies prescribed by your oncologist, it’s worth trying them alongside your normal treatments.

Carrot juice therapy

I was introduced to a book called ‘Curing Cancer with Carrots’ by Ann Cameron. The first page reads ‘The day is coming when a single carrot freshly observed will set off a revolution ‘ — Paul Cezanne (1839- 1906). I began juicing organic carrot juice and for a period of 3 months I was consuming three glasses of carrot juice per day to the point that my skin had a bronze/orange tinge.

Turmeric and curcumin

There are claims that Turmeric has a lot of health benefits. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Turmeric could assist people that suffer with arthritis, lower cholesterol. Curcumin found in Turmeric has been suggested to prevent the spread of cancer and even to destroy cancer cells. It has also been alleged to assist with Alzheimer’s disease. For better absorption into the bloodstream Curcumin should be taken with black pepper. Turmeric can be purchased as capsules / tablets with curcumin and black pepper combination. I started this therapy when I was diagnosed with cancer and I have continued with this.

Lemon Juice drink

Lemon is acidic. However, once consumed, it alkalises in your body. I started drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice with warm water three times a day especially after a meal. Since cancer feeds on an acidic environment, alkalising the body balances this out. It also serves as antioxidant. It should be consumed after food as it can cause heartburn and, due its acidic nature (before consumption), it should ideally be consumed with a straw so that it doesn’t affect your tooth enamel.

Kernel seeds also known as metabolic therapies.

There has been a lot of controversy over the consumption of kernel or apricot seeds. There are claims that it cures or reduces cancer tumours. There are also allegations these claims are all false and they are in fact poisonous and, if consumed in high enough quantities, it can kill you. I tried this therapy but in somewhat small quantities. I took no more than 21 organic seeds per day. It does have a bitter taste but this is manageable.


There are claims that eucalyptus and royal jelly honey helps with lung infections and even tumours. I tried this therapy for about 3 months.

Alongside the above I also take fresh Lemon and ginger juice (which supposedly wakes up your immune system), Black seed oil, Wheatgrass, Garlic (raw- swallow whole), Papaya and Bromelain tablets, Vitamin C Tablets and CBD/ Cannabis oil but not religiously.

I also adopted a very organic diet. No red meat and substituted white for brown rice. I aimed to eat only organic food wherever possible. This was what I did. I felt that I was on a mission to survive and, although alternative therapies may have had no scientific backing, I didn’t care. My thoughts were that it wouldn’t harm me taking those things so why not give it ago? I also cut out sugar in my diet all together.

So, I started my regime. I totally changed my diet so that 90% of my intake was organic. The organic halal chicken I purchased from a farm in the southern part of the country were almost 4x the price of the non-organic ones. I tried to stock up with as much organic fruits and vegetables as possible although this was difficult as conventional supermarkets do not have much of a variety. I was also having an increased amount of greens in my diet; broccoli, watercress and spinach.

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