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Bok Choy. Let’s face it, around the globe most… | by Tanmaya Dev | Oct, 2021

Tanmaya Dev

Let’s face it, around the globe most people don’t have much time to maintain the diet and nutrients required by the body for day to day life. I have a suggestion that might fulfil these requirements.

Bok Choy is one of the delicious and healthy cruciferous vegetable leaves. It is one vegetable with multiple benefits.

· It contains 95% of water

· 2% carbohydrate

· 1% protein

· less than 1% fat

· 13% of kilocalories

· Vitamin C

· Vitamin A

· Vitamin K

· Vitamin B6

· Calcium


Kidney Stone


An adult needs 4700mg and a child less than 14 ages, need a minimum of 4500mg potassium per day.

Heart Diseases

It is also helpful to prevent heart diseases such as heart attack, heart inflammation, etc.

Bone Health

Vitamin k and phosphorus is helpful for bone growth. It is also used for arthritis treatment, prevents bone fracture, cracks and breaking.

Skin Problems

It is also helpful to prevent skin diseases like skin infections, rashes, burning etc.

Mental Illness

Immunity System

It has selenium useful to boost your immunity system, also increase the production of T-cells that kills bacteria.

If you have any types of illness such as thyroid, blood thinning, etc. you should consult a doctor before eating Bok Choy.

Other than that if you like cooking then, few more options are Bok Choy soup, stews and stir-fry.

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