Boyfriend Leaves Girl after HIV Positive Diagnosis, Doctor Later Says It Was a Wrong Result

A routine screening turned into a life-altering experience for one young woman. A doctor mistakenly told her she was HIV positive, but the truth came out weeks later—now netizens want the practitioner to face repercussions. 

After an annual obstetrician-gynecologist appointment, TikTok user @elzbthhope told viewers she was instructed to bring someone along for her results discussion. Her mother came with her for moral support. 

The unexpected diagnosis they received six years ago has stuck with both of them ever since. Over the following weeks, the woman faced a rollercoaster of emotions. 


After being asked how she handled bad news, the doctor blankly told the TikToker that she was HIV positive. In an instant, the woman felt as if her whole world had collapsed. She could not believe the news, and neither could her mother.

Her mother, who was supposed to support her, was hysterical and fainted after the doctor spoke. The woman then asked the doctor what the severity of her sickness was. The doctor’s words didn’t make her feel any better. 

The OB grabbed the woman’s hand and said: “We’re going to make sure you live the longest life you possibly can.” Shortly after the appointment, the woman’s boyfriend tested negative, and he didn’t offer her support. Instead, he broke up with her. 

The culmination of these factors led the woman to extreme actions, and she attempted to end her life. Thankfully, her story changed dramatically after she went to an HIV specialist to get a second opinion. 


The specialist informed her that she was not HIV positive. They told her that her HIV results were “VERY negative.” She returned to her OB to understand where the testing went so drastically wrong.

The OB purportedly told the woman she was unfamiliar with HIV until her case. For all of the emotional trauma she caused, she offered the woman a simple sentence.


The OB told her: “but I’m actually glad you’re negative.” In a follow-up clip shared on her TikTok account, the woman said her OB had been in the medical field for two decades.

Despite all of her experience, she purportedly didn’t give the woman any means for support after the HIV diagnosis. She simply informed her that someone would be in touch but offered no pamphlets or a helpline. 

The story stunned the online community, and people hoped the OB was held accountable. One netizen wrote: “UM WHAT, she can’t just ‘Oopsies!'” People also wanted to know if the doctor was still practicing after the incident.

Users called the doctor’s actions a display of “malpractice,” and someone added: “You should sue.” Netizens also pointed out that these mistakes are more common than we think. They used the woman’s story to highlight the importance of always seeking a second or even third opinion. 

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