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Breathing it right to get your life back | by Ana Hoonsringam | Oct, 2021

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Breathing is just so effortless and it’s an automatic action. Our body is so smart that it pretty much functions by itself.

How the body communicate with us?

Our body gets tired when we work long hours. We start to lose our voice when we hadn’t been drinking enough water. Our eyes look like panda when we lack of sleep.

Some basic information like this can be communicated between our body and us.

But have you ever felt heavy as if you were carrying the world on your shoulders? Our life has been so busy and to make it worse – it doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon!

Your body is tired – you rest.

Your mind is tired – what do you do?

You can sleep it off but it’ll still come back to bother you when you wake up.

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