Cancer: A Journey.. My name is Jeremy and I have cancer. | by Jeremy Ghea | Oct, 2021

Gratitude. That’s the second part of this. All this. I have found myself grateful for living. For having a life. For the little moments. For all of the moments — both hard and not.

I’m grateful for my girlfriend. Words can’t express that enough. I’m grateful for my family and friends who have not only stepped up to the bat — but kept me laughing and sane through all of this. I’m grateful for the phenomenal medical team and the care and compassion that I’ve gotten from them. Which I have discovered is rare, in and of itself.

I’m grateful to finally be going in a direction in my life that has been needing to happen for years. Decades, one could argue. Because I’m now staring death in the face and seizing the bull by the horns to make all my remaining time matter.

Which is something I honestly, truly haven’t done before. And it feels good to finally live.

It took cancer to wake me up. And I have no intention of falling under the slumber of life’s complacency again.

For that I’m grateful.

Because I also know how rare that is. My type of cancer is “highly treatable”. Not everyone gets that chance. Not everyone gets that time. So few, so rare do.

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