“Cancer Moonshot: A Giant Leap for Patients, Inspired by the Spirit of Exploration” | by Mathieu | Dec, 2023

“Pioneers of Progress: Scientists at the forefront of the Cancer Moonshot initiative, working tirelessly to unlock the secrets of cancer and redefine the future of treatment.”

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard.” Sixty years later, MD Anderson embarks on an ambitious and comprehensive action plan inspired by America’s historic drive to put a man on the moon. The Cancer Moonshot, launched in 2016, mirrors this determination by accelerating scientific discovery in cancer research, fostering collaboration, and enhancing the sharing of vital cancer data.

Mission and Impact:
With over 21,000 dedicated employees, MD Anderson has a singular mission — to end cancer. Treating over 100,000 patients annually and conducting more than 1,200 clinical trials, MD Anderson is at the forefront of cancer research, with a global reach poised to make an enormous impact on the lives of patients and their families.

A New Approach:
MD Anderson is tackling cancer with a bold new plan focused on improving prevention, early detection, and treatment. Platforms fueled by research engines provide the necessary framework for success, fostering innovation, collaboration, and scale to expedite the development of new and more effective care.

Targeted Efforts:
The Moon Shots Program at MD Anderson revolves around specific types of cancer, each chosen strategically to accelerate research progress. From B-cell Lymphoma to Prostate Cancer, these targeted efforts promise to yield insights that will inform strategies for tackling all cancers.

Clinical Trials and Progress:
MD Anderson’s commitment to progress is evident in its extensive clinical trial initiatives. With over 165 immunotherapy trials underway, enrolling 3,500 patients, the institution is paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in cancer treatment.

New Goals for the Cancer Moonshot:
Building on remarkable progress, President Biden has set new national goals for the Cancer Moonshot, aiming to cut the age-adjusted death rate from cancer by at least 50 percent over the next 25 years. Additionally, the initiative seeks to enhance the experience of individuals and their families living with and surviving cancer, ultimately driving towards the goal of ending cancer as we know it today.

Mobilizing the Entire Government:
Under the Biden-Harris Administration, the Cancer Moonshot gains momentum with a comprehensive strategy. This includes forming a Cancer Cabinet, hosting a White House Cancer Moonshot Summit, and calling for an all-hands-on-deck approach. President Biden calls on the private sector, foundations, academic institutions, healthcare providers, and all Americans to join in this collective effort.

As MD Anderson’s Cancer Moonshot progresses and aligns with the bold goals set by President Biden, the spirit of exploration and determination propels us towards a future where cancer is not only treatable but conquerable. The collaborative efforts of individuals, organizations, and the government are vital in realizing this shared vision, marking a giant leap for patients and a monumental step towards ending cancer.

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