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CATASTROPHES: TORNADO. LIVING IN GOOD AND UNITY IS MORE NATURAL AND SIMPLE | by Shirin Abduj | ALLATRA Vesti — mass media of a new format | Jan, 2022


What is a tornado? Is it the funnel that has carried the house with the girl Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto to the Emerald City in the Land of Oz? To have such a fast transport would be great, and yet… tornado is the most unpredictable of all weather phenomena.

Tornado is a vortex spawned from thundersrorm, highly rarefied air, which is able to destroy buildings from within. Tornadoes are formed as the result of collision of two big air masses with different temperatures and humidity levels; the air in the lower atmosphere level is warm, but the air in the upper level is cold. The air descends within the whirlwind but ascends from the outside, thus forming the pressure. Predicting the exact parameters of tornado’s destruction and defining precise air speed in the whirlwind is difficult, even for modern science. However, the study of this natural phenomenon is in progress. A team of scientists of ALLATRA International Public Movement (IPM) has concluded that knowledge of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS can help us to minimize destructive effect of the natural force and, most importantly, save human lives. If one is aware of the right way to behave during the hazard and knows what actions to take first, it’s possible to survive this natural phenomenon even without knowing much about it.

So how should we behave during the hazard?

The first step is to remove panic. After all, self-control enables us to make the right decisions. The second one is to help other people. Emergency Services recommend taking shelter in a bunker or basement if you happen to be in the natural disaster zone. If possible, take all the essential things and documents with you. Shut all the doors and windows in the house, cover ventilation and all kinds of holes. Turn off the oven and do not use light, gas and electricity to avoid fire.

Trajectory of the tornado is unpredictable, and you never know what can fall out from the tornado’s funnel. Therefore, if you’re outside, hide in a pit or a ditch and cling to the ground covering your head with your hands. Do not approach buildings, trees or any objects. After the vortex ends, try to avoid using fire and electricity before making sure that wiring is intact.

Most importantly, remember that in the state of composure and inner self-control all your actions will be precise, fast and most efficient.

This is a story of a natural disaster survivor in the Lithuanian town Širvintos on May 29, 1981:

“Thanks to my father’s stories about tornado, I had a idea about this natural disaster. Therefore, when the area became silent and I could hear a sound transforming into a hum, I recognised that the tornado was approaching… I at once went to warn my neighbour and offered my help. Together, we descended into the basement. We knew when the tornado was at its peak and at its end thanks to the typical sounds. When we came upstairs, everything was scattered: sand, hay, leaves and newspapers all over the place; even the poplar was rooted away… But, thanks to mutual help, we were safe. Hellping each other, we restored our houses within just a week… In fact, this experience helped us to become much closer to each other and team up into one big family. Now I understand and feel that only humanity and kindness can help us to overcome any ills of life!”

Successful research of the international group of scientists gives a chance to save many lives!

To play it safe, it’s better to leave the potential catastrophe zone in advance. But how can we calculate the centre of tornado’s origin, considering that the tornado isn’t fully studied?

The latest successful research of scientists of Allatra IPM has made it possible to accurately locate future climatic catastrophes. The PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS is a science that makes accurate predictions of natural disasters and, most importantly, a successful forecast becomes a reliaty. The information discovered by the research team can be found in the excerpts of the report “On the Problems and Consequences of Global Climate Change on Earth. Effective Ways to Solve These Problems”. This report tells more about interesting aspects of the PRIMORDIAL ALLATRA PHYSICS that helps us to know the world.

Today mankind has an opportunity to overcome impending cataclysms, but it’s only possible in unity if people voluntarily join efforts and unite on the basis of the best human qualities — kindness, honor, solidarity.

If man understands that he lives in a potential natural disaster zone where a cataclysm can happen, but keeps calm and knows what needs to be done to save not only his life but lives of others as well, then the disaster won’t be so destructive. People have a bigger chance of survival if they are ready to help each other to get through every hardship and treat each person with care and understanding of life’s value. When people are prepared for impending hazards, they overcome it all as a whole, thus minimizing theirs loses and making quick recovering.

Living in good and unity is more simple and natural!

One man can do much, but to survive “during the cataclysm” is easier in unity, conjointly. Even birds bunch up in a wedge when they fly south. Nature always gives us clues and tries to explain, with the help of cataclysms, that living in good and unity is more simple and natural.

After all, a tornado can be viewed as a “clue” of nature! If one matches contemporary scientific researches and ancient knowledge about helically-formed, spiral structures (this information is explained in available form in the book AllatRa), then further understanding of ongoing processes will be revealed to him. Spiral motion can be discovered in all the spheres of life (from microcosm to macrocosm), the Universe is built on its basis. Tornado, for example, is a “spinning column of air” rotating anti-clockwise, and all that gets into it is ascended spirally. In the same way, the rain curtain inside the tornado turns into a spiral in form of cylinder or cone, touching the ground.

“The word “spiral” is derived from the Latin word “spira” that means “curl, swirl” or “snake coil’”. The latter designation came form the East where the snake was regarded as a holy animal and where the invisible processes of the world were explained with the help of comprehensible examples of the visible world…” (quotation from the book AllatRa)

Since ancient times, the spiral has been compared not only to vortex, whirlpool, and spinning, but it has also been associated with the weaving of the web of life and the veil of Mother Goddess (the one who controls fate and weaves the veil of illusions), the spiral was connected with great creating forces. What is more, the spiral was also associated with the labyrinth that, on the metaphysical plane, reflected as maturing of soul during its wandering in the circle of reincarnations and its final return to the centre.

Any trials of nature are given to us as an opportunity for inner transformation. For us to “return to the centre”, to that what is veritable and unchangeable, what is constant. Cultivating love, kindness, and honesty in ourselves and overcoming obstacles in accordance with love and gratitude gives us the understanding of oneness with the world and each person in it, as well as complete comprehension that being a single whole with people, living in unity, mutual help, goodness, and love is natural for people!

Written by Marina Vertinskaya,
Participant of ALLATRA IPM



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